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Van back with heating and good news!

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    Van back with heating and good news!

    Hi All,

    I have my R20 back with the heating fitted

    Freeborn have taken full responsibility for all the problems, they are paying all expenses, provided me with a courtesy car and accommodation and delivered the van back with a full tank of petrol.

    The van was returned along with a bouquet of flowers, bottle of wine and box of chocolates with a hand written card from Neville.

    I do feel that recompense has been made by both Freeborn and Neville, thank you to both.

    Now I am going to learn how the heating operates

    I expect I will have a few questions......first is can I store things still in the locker that now has the battery and the heating in?

    I'm very excited to have my van back!


    Well done Freebourn and glad you are finally sorted, just in time for the better weather…oh my weather app says its going to feel like -10c over coming days I suppose it will give your heating a proper test!
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      Is the heater actually in the locker or underneath - photos would help.

      If you have hot water too then it is likely to be the hot water tank and the fan - if so then yes you can store other stuff in the locker, just be sensible. The battery should be inside a box and be vented through the floor.

      Glad everything is sorted.



        That's great, now you can really get into the swing of things.
        derek b and Babs


          So pleased Bunchy, enjoy!


            Great news Bunchy!
            Looking at the weather forecast, you'll soon be giving the heating a good test!
            .......... Sid


              Very good news........ Stay warm on your travels back home.
              All the shivering best


                Great news and a very happy ending.

                Have a safe journey home and many happy adventures in your new, now-perfect van!



                  Well done Freebourn, so pleased for you that everything worked out well and you now have your heater fitted.


                    Hi Bunchy I am glad everything seems sorted out now give the heater a good try and have a very good look around the van before you head off home just in case.
                    I have just watched a TV programm about the Shetlands, the Iron age wheelhouse looks good there were quite a few shots of the Northern Lights you will have to take some photo's to post for us. I dont know how you cope with the 6 hour daylight for months on end they must be long nights but hey you have the heater now !!!!!

                    Have a safe trip home



                      Very pleased for you Bunchy. Give it a good test before you leave for home. Presume they showed you how to run it. Was it fitted at the Romahome factory?

                      Enjoy your pressies - you deserve them!



                        Marvellous news Bunchy now (hopefully) all the problems are behind you and you can start enjoying your van.

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                          what everyone else said!!


                            Hey thank you everyone for all the friendly responses to my good news!

                            The heating seems great, I will post photo inside locker to see if I can store stuff in there when I can!

                            Many of you mentioned the cold on its way! I'll be glad of the heating for sure then!

                            Thank you all


                              Glad you have your van back and the wine and chocs are a nice touch, not before time though.

                              Did they sort out the crack that had appeared?
                              Better a rainy day on the hill than a sunny day in the office!


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