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buying a used romahome, advice please

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    buying a used romahome, advice please


    Can anyone give me some hints or tips as to what to look out for when purchasing a second hand romahome for the first time? My husband and I have just fallen in love with them, and perhaps need some guidance.

    Many Thanks

    Hello Isla

    First of all welcome to the forum, its great to have you on here and I hope you will find it interesting and informative.

    Right, second hand Romahomes, my advice for what it is worth is to go to a reputable dealer, preferably a Romahome dealer, there are several dotted around the country Avon Motor Caravans in Bristol come highly recommend so do Freeborns of Southampton, they both sell second hand Romahomes and although you may pay a little more than buying private at least you will have some form of warranty and peace of mind.

    If I were you I would go along and have a look at as many as you can to try and get a feel of them, have a test drive and ask all the questions you can, don't rush your decision take plenty of time to think about what is best for you.

    I'm sure others will be along soon with other pearls of wisdom, meanwhile good luck and keep us informed of your progress.
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      Welcome If you live near Surrey there is another Freeborn in Godalming and they are very helpful too. Good luck in your search and I hope you find one soon.


        I agree with Graham, go see a dealer and look at as many as possible.

        You'll find that most dealers are very helpful so ask as many questions as you can think of,
        and dont forget, we're all here to give you our words of wisdom.

        Good luck



          I've at Hylo for sale (privately though and after reading all the comments from others, you may be avoiding private sales now!). Its details are all in the "items for sale" but of this forum. I'm selling it on behalf of my mother, who owned it for 3.5 years but seldom used it unfortunately and in during her ownership it only added 3600 miles. She purchased it from Freeborn in Southampton. It's in Suffolk and happy to show you. My number is 01473 811853. Regards, Julian Rains.


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