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R30 Dimension Engine Cover

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    R30 Dimension Engine Cover

    Hi all
    This forum is an unexpected find, I can see i'm going to spend a few hours trawling through the many threads!
    We have recently purchased a s/hand R30 Dimension (2008), virtually no mileage, with which we are over the moon. A great motor caravan that will give us many years of happy travelling etc.
    Although this year van was not fitted with an engine cover (to save water sitting on the engine over long periods) we expected to be able to take the van into the local Citroen agent for a retrofit (as van is still under warranty) as per Fiat/Peugout but NO. Citroen apparantly has not issued any recalls for this work and the local agent requires something like £106.00 to carry out the retrofit. Would appreciate any help on this or do I have to swallow the cost.
    Cheers, Eddie

    Hi Eddie

    Welcome to the forum , glad you have found us, it sounds like you have got a nice van. I can't answer your question but hopefully someone will be along soon who can, if Ant see's this he might be able to help.
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