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Newbie Romahome owner

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    Newbie Romahome owner

    Hello my name is Christine & I have recently, well last weekend brought a C15 Champ high top Romahome.
    I'd like to know if anyone can help me as the roller blind which covers the lower window of the stable
    door won't roll up & this makes reversing difficult. Hence could anyone advise me where I could buy a replacement or
    whether it can be fixed?
    My Romahome is circ 1996. Thank you. Christine


    I am sure you will get replies very soon.


      Hi. Welcome to the forum and congrats on your new purchase. There are quite a few Romahome owners here, and lots of technically competent members who I am sure will soon be on to help you.

      I presume you will already have spotted the 'meeting up' section on the forum? You have timed it well! There are several meets coming up, quite close to you, including one at Kingsbury this coming weekend, the great Spring Meet at Lickhill Manor, and also the Ladies meet at Buxton Friday May 10-Sunday May 12th.

      Meanwhile, safe driving.
      Carpe diem! :)


        Hi Christine

        Welcome to the forum, I didn't know the lower window had a roller blind, I thought it was just a curtain with pop studs.

        Hopefully someone with a similar van will be able to help. As NomadSue suggested you could always pop along to a meet if there is one near you and exchange ideas with people who have the same vans.
        Did you know you can follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter or you can visit us at our Website


          It probably needs retensioning, Ant will be able to explain how to do it.

          Perhaps one of the mods could mov e it to ask Ant



            Would you like us to move this thread for you?

            Matilda would you like us to move this thread to 'Ask Ant' for you? I think Peter is giving a sensible suggestion but thought I would ask first.


              Window blind

              Hi, I have the same problem in my 1995 Hitop. The bottom blind section does not roll up. To be honest I don't think it would help seeing through this when reversing as it is very low down. I got the stick on magnifier thingy which I put on the top half of the door on the window. It makes a huge difference when driving along and helps a bit when reversing. I use my wing mirrors a lot when reversing in "Fran" and also park carefully so I can avoid reversing where possible!!!! Enjoy your romahoming, I love it.


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