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Water Question

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    Water Question

    Like many owners I have drained my water system down over the past few months due to the very cold conditions but have occasionally filled / drained down the system just to keep it in good order - I use my R25 as my sole vehicle so it gets used almost on a daily basis and therefore not left on the drive for long periods. I've seen a couple of articles recently about the floe water cleaning system - Anyone use this system or had it installed on their motorhome? I would be interested in your thoughts as to using or having a system installed.
    It appears not to be that expensive and does the job of getting rid of water in the pipes / tank.

    Richard G
    R25 Owner

    We have it for our caravan and used it last autumn to drain down and again after our new year trip. It is easy to use, we bought a tyre compressor with a digital display to ensure we didn't overdo the pressure, and it definitely helps get water out of the system.
    The first time we used it we had travelled approx 20 miles, having opened all the taps etc before we set off and the floe still pushed over 1.5 pints of water out of the system.
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      HI glenw
      Try this we had a R25 before we had the R30 both have limited room to fit this device .I disconnected the pipe on the water tank under the van its only held on with a jubilee clip and then attaché an air bed pump, just watch you do not build up to much pressure, you could use a bicycle pump with gauge. I also fitted a drain off tap on our R25 the R30 has one fitted to drain the tank .
      Take a look at the other threads our R25
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