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New R10 Owner

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    New R10 Owner

    Shortly I will be the proud owner of an R10. I am told that a drive away awning is available and its name is Movelite. Having looked at the web I am not sure I have located the right one. As I understand it the recommended one is about a metre square and attaches to the van by bungees. Is there a name or model number that I should look for?

    While on the subject of the R10 has anyone driven the automatic version and, if so, what are the plusses and minuses?

    Please forgive me if this post is not in the right place!

    Hello Bill & welcome. If you look in the "for sale" section there may be a movelite there for sale. I dont think they have another name or code number. We have a movelte for our are Roma duo.


      Hello Bill

      Welcome to the forum, Movelite make a variety of awnings but this one looks like it might be suitable for the R10.

      Movelite Motorhome Porch Awning
      Did you know you can follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter or you can visit us at our Website


        Hi Pendel
        Thanks for the reply. Sorry to be a pain but can you answer a couple more questions for me?

        1. I assume that the awning has clear windows, as in the pictures I have seen. Are there built in curtains or flaps for the windows to give privacy particularly when leaving things there and driving off site or at night?

        2. What is the approximate size of your awning?

        With thanks in advance.



          update R10 awning

          Have decided to get a Movelight Square awning (I can then take my wife with me!) Looking forward to using the van so might see some of you sometime.


            Awning warning

            Just a tip: check out the weight before you commit.

            I bought the Movelight "lightweight" awning last year: it is excellent in many ways, but at c.13 kilograms it is heavy, and also a fairly bulky item to carry in your R10.

            I am thinking of getting a smaller washtent/toilet type which is supposed to be a quarter of the weight.


              Richard R10
              Thanks for the comments. I am cheating really, since there will be two of us using the R10. The awning will serve as second bedroom, store, toilet. I have in fact bought a Movelite Square and had a go at putting it up - with no pictures supplied and thin instructions plus common sense we made it! It would be more helpful if the instructions included a picture/drawing of the finished article.


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