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Advice on Buying a 10 year old C15 Romahome Hylo

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    Advice on Buying a 10 year old C15 Romahome Hylo

    Hello there

    I am going to look at a Romahome Hylo tomorrow morning. Private sale - Mileage is 65000. Any tips or advice on what to look for as I am new to this. Would be very grateful as I don't want to overlook something important.

    Really hope it lives up to expectations - can't wait to join the Romahome family.

    Thank you,

    Ant will give you the best advice on how to check for the big problems. I suppose rust is the big concern, check around the doors and anywhere that looks structural.

    Check everything works including:
    -Fridge (on gas & leccy)
    -water pump (& check for leaks)
    -heater (if installed)
    -all blinds
    -any gas appliances

    Problem bits on my '93 C15 hylo are fridge, radio and water pump. Some people have had issues with worn steering bushes, check tyres for uneven wear and test for any play or knocking on steering when you do your test drive.


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