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Beware EBAY

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    Beware EBAY

    This cannot be what it claims to be

    item number 290439857297

    Hi Pete,

    I looked at the romahome but wondered of the cuase of your suspicion.


      Re Ebay..........

      [IT has almost certainly been rebodied...... i personally woudnt touch it with a barge pole, having first hand experience, with some rather, err substandard specimins!!(not mine i might add)...Tho my mint Nu Venture may be up for sale soon, i might be after a bongo,...


        As said before would not consider ebay in an auction style anyway, far too dangerous with the sums involved.


          Father forgive for I have sinned

          I saw an ad on ebay for a Romahome for £2495 ic 12 months MOT and 6 tax.

          The pic on ebay showed a windscreen price of £4995 on the forecourt of Stowmarket Caravans.

          I knew there would be problems with it but they never knew I have been a commercial/diesel mechanic/welder for years.

          Anyway i bought it over the phone and collected it Dec 5th 2009, my birthday.

          However I have fixed it all and welded it too now I'm happy again so once again, Father forgive me for I had sinned. "Oh", I did break the speed limit once in it going down a hill in Devon, 95MPH.


            Be honest. You wanted a project!

            I reckon, maybe I am wrong, but your idea of hell REALLY would be a brand new vehicle on which there was nothing to do! In fact if you were given a vehicle with nothing to do you would have to start modifying...... Hummmmmmmmmmm

            The solution is to buy a renovation job because you have many happy hours of doing it up and then have the pride of knowing it is your work when you drive it around.

            And you know what..... Why not, it is great you are so knowledgable.. now I must get out because the sun has actually come out and I have done the boring city and guilds work module and I need a break.


              My concerns are that the shell is from a pre 1990 Romahome because if you look closely the van lower sides are visible.

              Also a 54plate van with a new bonnet due to rust?

              Also such a vehicle would need to have an engineers report to be correctly insured.

              I wouldn't touch a rebody myself


                Derek and I got our first Roma from ebay and we paid £990 for it. Obviously we knew it would need some work but we used it for 8 months before the newer model became available. We then put it in for an MOT knowing it was going to cost us. It did need a lot doing but the price we paid & the price of the MOT combined came to slightly less than we got back when we sold it again on......ebay. We bought it just to try it and we loved it so our experience of ebay is ok, unlke so many others. I could have just put it on without troubling but I wanted whoever bought it to be happy with it so made sure it was 100% and I knew I could live with myself. I do sell on ebay now, bits & pieces and I like to think that there are honest seller's out there as well as the rogues.


                  Same here as with Penny above.

                  Bought my Romahome demountable on Ebay, bit on the expensive side. After the garage had serviced and put in two different thermostats before it stopped overheating and a few more probs sorted out by Ant, I was away. Lost a lot when I sold it though, although I knew it was going to a couple I just knew would love it just like I had.


                    There is a huge difference between buying a demountable Romahome even if it is on a newer truck than buying a reshelled C15. It is relatively easy to change the truck and Romahome don't appear to have any objections but it is very difficult and probably dangerous to change the base vehicle where the Romahome shell is bonded permanently and Romahome definitely do not approve


                      This romahome we're all talking about went for
                      Bid history: 34 bids

                      Winning bid: £8,979.00

                      Am I right in thinking that island plastics never made them for that year?

                      and how is the body attached to the vehicle?


                        The very last C15s were made 2001, 2002.

                        From about 1990 the camper shell had full sides, before that they used the van sides. (I think that post 1990 they were built on chassis cabs and that meant that there was very little cutting of the vehicle).

                        As far as I can understand the shell is bonded to the van and Romahome say that there will probably be some damage when separating the two


                          Has this romahome re-emerged



                            Originally posted by ecobezhig View Post
                            It certainly has. Looks like someone is out to make money here!



                              Please tell me this is not all bad?!

                              this is the roma home my farther has bought hes in his 70's and I'm now really worried about the safety of this van



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