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First post for ages!

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    First post for ages!

    Hello to all who remember me.
    I have just come back to GB after travelling in Europe since 2nd Jan this year. My job is driving a 1961 Routemaster around Europe permanently all year for a language company doing promotions.
    Am back to have some renovation and maintenance done on the bus, and a quick rest!
    Arrived home yesterday morning, my C15 Roma Hytop has stood outside my caravan the whole time, and I just connected the one battery lead up that I had taken off and it started immediately!! Didn't sound "clattery" and settled down to smooth running straight away, fantastic. Went for a celebratory spin along the seafront here in Pompey.
    This van is a goodun' and my thanks go to "Ant" who sold me the lovely old thing last year I think it was, can't be sure exactly when, been doing this job for two years and I lose track of places and dates!
    To make some of you envious, I returned from Sicily which was my last promotion, over 30 degrees every day, before that it was Holland and before that five weeks all around Spain. The tour I do goes everywhere from Finland in the north to Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia east,to Spain and Italy in the south, it's great!

    How could be ever forget you? Welcome back.

    Sounds like you've had a great time and seen lots of great places. What a fantastic job, I bet the bus gets a lot of attention as you drive round.

    Glad to hear your Roma started with no problems, hopefully you will get chance to use it a bit before you are off on your travels in the routemaster again.
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      Hello, old chap - and welcome back to sunny England!!

      "driving a 1961 Routemaster" - that sounds a doddle - power steering - hope you find time to stamp the tickets as well !!



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