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Insurance wanted for dismountable

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    Insurance wanted for dismountable

    I have just recieved this request from someone with a demountable Romahome who wants some help. I am sure someone on here can point him in the right direction so I have asked him to look here for advice. I am in France at the moment and not always able to get on line, so thanks in advance.

    I wondered if you could help! I have just purchased a Daihatsu demountable Romahome and am having problems insuring this as I can insure as a motorhome or a pickup but can't find an insurer that covers both yet. Could you tell me or ask any of your members with the same product who they have found insurance through.

    Many Thanks


    our demountable was insured with campton insurance brokers (01883 742460). They provided cover as a motorhome and also a pick-up and the 'pod' bits seperately if we decided to demount on site and use the pick-up as a vehicle. Not that we ever did, demounting was just too much hastle!! This was a couple of years ago but the quote and policy was very good although fortunately we never needed to test with a claim.
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      And I used Adrian Flux who insured the lot very reasonably. The only prob I found with this company was when I sold the camper and cancelled the insurance policy, first they didn't want to refund anything, then I just got a few pounds back after they had deducted this that and the other - and only 1 month into the policy! That was a very expensive month's policy!


        Hi Colin/David

        I empathise with David, as I have a demountable Romahome/Rascal combination and some of the quotes I had were loony, eg one of £800+, which is much more than I pay for my Lotus!!


        Campton Insurance Brokers
        01883 742460



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