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Update from Me

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    Update from Me

    Hi folks
    You were all kind enough to give me a warm and helpful welcome when I started posting a couple of months ago. I was so impressed with the whole Romahome setup and your recommendations that my mum and I went on a jaunt to Bristol in May to visit Ant and Pam. We had a lovely day, many thanks to whoever it was who recommended the Walled Garden at Wrington where we enjoyed a delicious lunch. Mum and I had a good explore round all the vans Ant could show us and asked a hundred questions. My mum has a lot of motorhome experience, but in much larger vans, and she was really impressed how much utility and comfort could be had in a smaller vehicle. I was ready to go ahead and order a new van but the next day I had a call from my estate agents to say that my house sale had fallen through.


    So all was on hold for a while and I was really quite fed up about it and didn't feel like posting here if I couldn't join in with the owner chat. OK, I admit I was sulking...

    However, happy days are here again as another punter has signed on the dotted line yesterday evening and after the slow wheels of French bureaucracy have trundled on for a couple of months I will (hopefully) be the proud owner of an R20 Hi.

    So Ant will do his jolly best to have me all 'vanned up' and ready to join you folks at Polstead at the beginning of October. Hurrah!

    All I have to do in the meantime is pack, relocate from France to England and join the C & CC!

    Off to catch up on the other threads you've been posting while I've been feeling sorry for myself in the corner

    Great to be back

    Pema Lily

    So glad to hear that you are going in a forward direction again. Look forward to meeting yoi in October.



      Thanks, Gail.

      Fingers Crossed!


        Hi Pema Lily

        Glad you have stopped sulking and joined us again.

        Buying and selling houses is a stressful business in this country so goodness knows what its like having to relocated from abroad.

        It will be lovely to see you a Polstead, hope you get everything sorted in time.
        Did you know you can follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter or you can visit us at our Website


          Thanks, Graham!

          Yes, it's all a little stressful with the relocation but at least it's happening over two months which gives me plenty of time to plan and remake those lists. Mainly I'm de-cluttering and rationalizing this week so that I have less to pack and move when the time comes. It's amazing how much stuff I haven't used in the three years I have been here and I'm trying to stick to the motto of 'haven't used it, not going to use it' and be firm but fair.

          Really hoping to meet you all at Polstead too, van permitting.

          Pema Lily


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