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Search for two special Romahomes....

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    Search for two special Romahomes....

    I've been asked to put this in the Romahome section by Colin, Roma Club publicity officer. I don't like to alter the original wording but I think it should read 'Romini' not Rimini:

    The search is on for two special motorhomes. This year the Roma Club – dedicated to supporting all owners of Romahomes here and abroad – is 25 years old. And to help it celebrate it wants to find both the oldest Romahome still on the road and the one that has travelled furthest from ‘home’, the factory on the Isle of Wight.
    At almost every rally we hear of people who have explored far from the main European countries. Some travel to places where motorhomes have never been seen before.

    So, step forward all you Romahome adventurers and tell us your stories and show us your photos. We will measure the distance from the factory as the crow flies, (or perhaps it should be a swallow).

    The oldest Island Plastics/Romahome, or even Rimini caravan, still on the road deserves an airing, so do you know where it is?

    If you have an old Island Plastics, Rimini or Romahome vehicle or have ever taken one to exotic places then write to:

    Roma Club
    c/o 19 Pendle Close, Basildon, Essex, SS14 3NA
    Or e mail to; [email protected]

    Note to Editors; The picture attached is a Romahome body on a Honda Acty base, around 1985, the year the Club started.

    Further information from Publicity Officer, Colin Payn on 07815 865210 or e mail [email protected] Ref RC2 10/6/10
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    You can't give your life more time
    so give the time you have left more life

    Jiffyman has some photos of a Jiffy Romahome reg Mou 88Y. The camper shell is from a very early Romahome fitted to a Honda with a 360cc engine. It was not a true demountable and they can be easily identified because the Luton is very small and fitted with a roofrack. I did the conversion in about 1987 and I seem to remember that the pickup that I took it from was about a 1978. We passed a similar example in Ince near Wigan last year and i have regretted not stopping and taking a photo


      Pauline is quite right it should be Romini not Rimini! Comes of having to send it just before leaving for France and doing the proof reading myself, never a good idea, you always miss the same errors.
      So now I await the tales of travellers and their oldest van on the road, so far a 25 year old origional.


        Good idea, but?

        Good idea, I am sure many people would love to know the answer, But, is there any way you can tell the age of say a 'Romini Caravan' from the serial number, or any other 'Romahome Vehicle. please?
        Best to all, seagrub.


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