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R20. How long will it continue to be made?

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    R20. How long will it continue to be made?

    The supply of new base vehicles must be getting low now - or are Citroen still making the base? Anybody know?

    I like the R20 very much ( still a Romahome wannabe I'm afraid), the R25, albeit a great design with plenty of storage, just looks too big and top heavy to me. I love the pullman seating arrangement in the R20 plus the ability to jump in the back for a quick lie down without having to fiddle about dropping seat backs and moving cushions around.

    Any chance of a new R20 on the new Citroen base?

    Regards, Neil

    Personally feel the R25 is a better design. The loo in the outlook, R20 was always far from ideal, sacrificing the kitchen space. The outlook was great design but the R25 builds on it.

    Obviously we all are different and it is whatever suits but the dropping the seats forward seems pretty straighforward to me. The vehicle still is narrow enough to fit down a country lane.

    The pullman arrangement is brilliant but it does mean with passengers there is a concentration of weight on one side and one passenger has only a lapbelt... the R25 has fully belted seats

    Actually the R25 has one negative... its name.... MR/MRS ROMAHOME... the name is PANTS! Much perfered names like the the Outlook, Dimension etc
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      The main reason we bought an R25 was the lack of head height in the the R20
      After doing about 2,500 miles in all traffic situations the stability of the R25 is no problem whatsoever.

      Using Duvalays
      the bed making is a doddle, do we regret buying an R25, not a chance!

      Tony Anchorman


        Did you own an outlook then before buying the R25 Tony?


          Many thanks all for comments. Food for thought.

          I wonder how long the R20 will continue being made?




            It is to be hoped that Romahome isnt daft enough to think that its future lies with ever bigger units, there are some massive competitors in that end of the market. Its speciality niche market is in R20`s and R25`s, even R30`s are up against a lot of competitors, and R40 may be nice but I doubt you can sell many against the big boys and a vibrant second hand market.
            Roma have got to buld a successor to the R20`seither on the new Berlingo chassis or on the smaller Citroen Van ( cant remember its name).
            Or consider a management buyout from Freeborn and build on a different Brand all together!
            But Roma has made some daft decisions in the past. Fingers crossed.
            Young men sow wild oats.Old men grow sage.


              Originally posted by Brougham View Post

              I wonder how long the R20 will continue being made?
              My guess is as long as the Berlingo First van is produced.
              Derek Our Berlingo camping car


                Originally posted by Ian STOCKLEY View Post
                either on the new Berlingo chassis or on the smaller Citroen Van ( cant remember its name).
                Nemo (the vehicle used for the R10)?


                  Originally posted by 1_man_and_his_dob(lo) View Post
                  Nemo (the vehicle used for the R10)?

                  Thanks Neil,
                  I knew someone with a better memory than me would supply the answer.

                  Young men sow wild oats.Old men grow sage.


                    Absolutely there niche market is little motorhomes with clever designs. The way I see it the R30 exists because people who have experianced the quality of Romahomes and so when they want a bigger van they just want to stick with a Romahome.

                    The biggest assests Romahome for what it is worth are
                    - Brilliant original designs of small motorhomes
                    - Great Quality
                    - Customer Service excellent

                    and last but not least Ant of Avon motorhomes.



                      Although I'm very late in joining this thread its partly because we had no idea how long the R20 could stay in production. The good news is that the R20 Hi and Lo are built on the Berlingo First and Citroen UK have just last week confirmed that production of this van will continue well into 2011. Supply is therefore not an issue and the R20's continue to be Romahome's top seller, closely followed by R25 and R10.
                      Romahome appreciate the model sells in high numbers because the interior layout works so well. That also explains why this design has continued in production for around 25 years.
                      The main changes since its launch have been the base vehicle move from C15 to Berlingo, the option of a porta loo fitted under the sink and the Pullman seat arrangement but overall, the layout is very similar to the first C15s converted in the mid 80's! Interestingly, around half of new buyers specify the loo option but 99% go for the Pullman.
                      The move into bigger models such as R30 and R40 came about because so many existing Romahome owners asked for something bigger and the factory felt it would be a shame to have to lose those customers to another manufacturer. But the aim has always been to produce conversions big enough to use as a motor home and still small enough to drive as a car.
                      The R10 proves Romahome recognise this niche market and they have now sold close to 100 R10's.
                      Not sure of the next model except it's unlikely to be any bigger than the existing R20. There is nothing in development at this stage, partly because the starting point is identifying a base vehicle that will be in production for a long time as R&D and building a new mould is so expensive.
                      Romahome also know how important customer service is which is why they reduced the network size earlier this year. When you are converting close to 300 vehicles annually there are bound to be teething problems and some quality issues and the key is responding quickly.
                      Romahome are convinced that a smaller number of dealers who are knowledgable and focused on customer satisfaction has to be the best way to keep owners happy!!


                        Thanks for all that information Andrew its nice of you to come on here and give us a bit of inside information from Romahome.
                        Did you know you can follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter or you can visit us at our Website


                          Totally agree Graham, thats good news thanks Andrew.
                          Now I can look forward to a new R20 when/if I retire.
                          Young men sow wild oats.Old men grow sage.


                            Is this Andrew from Freeborn at Southampton?
                            Moya :)



                              Could be...there are at least three Andrews at Freeborns and all involved to a greater or lesser extent in Romahome! I have ultimate responsibility as I'm Group MD but I try to spend less time at the dealerships than I used to and and more time on the golf course.
                              Andrew Meader is Group Aftersales Director and works very closely with Brian Bailey at the factory while the Andrew many owners will know is Andy Harris who works with Neville on sales at the Romahome Centre in Southampton.
                              We dont often get involved on the forum as Ant from Avon does such a great job in answering virtually all of the many queries raised. I always follow his 'column' with interest and must confess he's taught me a lot about Romahome and motor homes in general as well as always making me smile with his very dry sense of humour. Many thanks Ant and keep up the good work!


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