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Henfold Lakes

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    Henfold Lakes

    We were at Henfold Lakes Fishery near Dorking Sun 29th and Mon 30th July and saw your Romahome Hi-Lo Reg VX05 ZPS. Noticed you had a SMF sticker in your window but never got to see you to say hello. You did wave to us when you drove past on Monday. We were outside our van - Nu Venture.

    Lovely site and Roger has got it on the list to take his fishing gear next time.

    Moya :)

    Henfold Lakes in July

    Hi Moya ,

    Just had a browse through the “Was it You” section for the first time and saw your above post – it was me in the Hylo! I used the site as a base for watching the Olympic road cycling events at Box Hill. Had my bike with me and cycled to Box Hill each day. Had a great time cheering on Team GB as they cycled round the Box Hill loop. I had tried to book into the CC CL site but they were full. However the owner mentioned they also had a large meadow (not a CL) and put me in there. The Lakes looked a popular spot for fishing and if you returned hope Roger caught a whopper!

    Cheers, Terry.

    P.S. Will now have a go with a post myself re a 2004 Hylo seen recently at Arne RSPB, Dorset.


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