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Romini windows and insurance

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    Romini windows and insurance

    Hi, I am very new to this forum and I am looking to purchase a Romini caravan.

    I know that I will need to purchase two interior windows, but don't know where to go to get spares or make replacements. Also contacted the caravan club for insurance and they are unable to insure. Can anyone suggest where I could go for insurance, also is it expensive?

    Hope you can advise.

    Don't want to buy if I can get spares or insurance

    Romini windows and insurance.

    Goro has just bought two 2nd hand windows for his Romini. I will be putting pics up shortly.
    Or you can nave a sindow made by eeco if you send the window. That is pricey though.



      Do you mean breakdown insurance, or theft insurance ?
      Dunno about theft arrangements, but your normal car insurance will probably cover you re:towing and third party, perhaps for a small increase, perhaps just a note on the policy, easily checked out.

      If it's b/down, Drive24/7 is reasonable.

      As for the windows, (" interior windows" ?), well, just contact lots of breakers yards/keep an eye on the small ads here and elsewhere/ put appeals in the "Wanted"s ditto/ look on Gumtree / Preloved/ etc....

      P'raps Jim (TwoLitre) has some suggestions ? I recall him getting a skylight, I'm sure, ......

      Or, of course, get a new one made, as above - if the 'van's cheap enough, it might pay .....

      Or, if it's all too much trouble, be a bit more patient and wait for another one !

      (Or perhaps a Microlite or similar ? I looked for a Romini, too, but a Micro' came up first, very reasonable .....unless you want a Romini particularly, of course - they do appear, here is a good place to keep an eye on.)

      Hope this helps......

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        ERM ..... I may have imagined that, can't find it now

        Must be old age ..... :blank:

        Cor lummee......... must eat more fish ....

        PS .... Phew ! Found it, cancelled fish order - see greycamper's add here ...6/7/15
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          Not sure whether it is the same one, but there is one with photos in the for sale section.

          By the way I did not source a skylight - never needed to.
          Keeping people waiting is stealing a part of their lives.


            Me old grey cells are definitely on the wane, Jim..... I thought you mentioned it at Hartland

            Don't think I'd had a drink ....... :blank:


              We struggled to find insurance but eventually went with (I think I found them by searching old threads on here). I've just had my renewal and it's just under £70 for the year


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