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unusual romini pictures

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    unusual romini pictures

    think i have pictures correct this time.
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    What a lovely looking van, it is certainly unique, never seen a Romini with a toilet compartment before.
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      That colour would have gone lovely to my Bongo!!


        Nice colour, looking nicer than the plain white how old is this one if i may ask,look as if its about 14 foot in length or there abouts.

        I have not long bought myself a Freedom Jetstream 1st Class 2 Berth.Hope to see you & your Romini around some day.;)



          Its a lovely van,but may I ask,is that really a Romini?
          I saw something very like this in Brighton last year and it had a German number plate.The roof line looks too stylish for a Romini and the german one was the same colour and length.

          However,whatever it is,its a cracker.
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            Hi, caravan body length is 9ft 3", the caravan is a romini as far as i know, it has the exact same internal mouldings, there is another like it on the forum photos under unique romini. There doesnt seem to be alot of information around about this model.



              Sensibly though that looks marvelous.

              The inside is definitely Roministyle plus. And I disagree about the roofline' It looks very Romini to me. Curious about the colour though. Does that appear original?

              As for the pic's I posted in "Unusual Romini?". The one in the pic. had no tiolet compartment, the extra length taken up by elongated side seats to allow cross-sleeping or single bunks. I do not believe it had a side gas-locker either.

              Strangers are always asking to look in my Romini. I want to look in yours!:eek:

              Nice one, Jim.

              Addition. Looking again I see that the open flap is not a gas locker - Daren't ask!
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                hi, the van has been resprayed that colour, the guy said it was left over paint from a car he was respraying, not a bad job though, yeh the side locker is the cassette toilet someone has fitted, would be nice to meet up with you all at some point in the season, can you tell me if there is a proper awning for the romini , i have a drive away awning i had for my trailer tent, was going to see if that would fit.


                  By the way, looking back at your pic's, if the storage moulding supporting your (seat) cushions is the same as mine your seat cushions are installed wrongly. If the top surface of the moulding has a ridge parallel to and close to the side of the van, the bottom of the backrest should sit against the ridge so as to be slightly inclined.
                  That has two advantages:
                  1 the seats are more comfortable and
                  2 the seat cushions will stay put when travelling.

                  You may also be missing upholstered pieces which sat on the top of each backrest. Rather useless except that they give more back support.

                  There is quite a discussion about this in the Romini sub-section of the Forum.

                  Regards, Jim.
                  Keeping people waiting is stealing a part of their lives.


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