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    Refuge from the world.....

    Hello Rominians,

    Not sure if that is the collective noun for Romini owners, but it will do for now. Came on the forum to catch up and received the request, in yellow, to write something. Being a good boy, here goes......

    Still haven’t used the Romini after a couple of years being on the front garden, due to health and worsening of the MS lately. Lovely day, sun out, breeze, feeling a bit more chipper, decided to attack the ‘van and give it a wash and brush up. It was getting quite successful at hiding away, covered in green algae and moss, amongst the shrubbery.
    Sacrilege to relate but I have been lacking motivation to deal with things as symptoms take over, and even thinking of selling the caravan as Ihave yet to plan on using it. Along with owning a car, BMax, that would find it difficult to tow (see other post), and age-related tiredness, I am finding it a problem to deal with things, but today......!

    So pleased the ‘van looks better and loved. This afternoon exhaustion took over so a cup of coffee and a cheese sandwich, Charlie carrying his dog chew, we entered the little world, sat in the comfy seats and quietly watched the world go by.

    An hour later, having woken up, I began to realise that this little object in the garden could be a life-saver and stress buster. Who left the cold coffee? Charlie cuddled up next to me, had to move to make a fresh drink, and get back into my sanctuary.

    Methinks I will keep the Romini, nay, even use it next year, but in the meantime I will use it for rest and recreation, even to write my short stories and do my watercolours. Why not? Away from the phone, away from the computer and television, just sitting listening to the wind, the birds singing, and the laughter of kids coming home from school.

    Thank you for reading my musings, apologies for not using said ‘van, but I can see a use for it when life gets a bit much. Having to look after a close friend after a triple bypass and resulting seizures everyday, dealing with her autistic son, and running my own home, I have at last found somewhere to hide away when I haven’t the energy to roam the fields with Charlie.

    Must go, another drink of tea this time, a visit to the small room, back to the’van, and carry on planning on taking over the world.....if I’m not too tired!

    Take care and hope you are all well. DavidG

    Considering your circumstances, it sounds an excellent use of your little hideaway.

    Tbh I think there are quite a few of us who enjoy sitting our small campervans and caravans, just musing about life, when, for some reason or other, we are unable to be on our travels.
    Carpe diem! :)


      So glad you followed the request to come and say something

      What a great idea and, as they say, a change is as good as a rest so what better than time in your van, even if it doesn't go anywhere
      Guardian of the Ducks
      2 2 2 2 2 2 2 Quack!


        Pauline, you are not quackers!


          It's good to have a bolt hole David, somewhere safe and comfortable.

          There is no need to apologise to anyone,including yourself, for not using your Romini, it's your van after all, but it is good that you have found that there is some use for her even while you are not yet ready to take her on the road.

          I'm sure you'll find great comfort knowing that you are in your pride and joy


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