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    Hi there. Good to see so many Rominis on your list! I don't appear there even though I posted something last year, so my serial is 786098, location Gloucestershire, bought last year and thoroughly enjoying camping in it. Replaced the ghastly carpet this year with vinyl flooring, great improvement


      Thanks Sue. I will add you to the list.



        Romini update

        Apologies if I've missed someone out.
        update 6/11/2017

        Graeme 7 86 08
        Pat(greycamper) 7 86 11
        Kate Norman 027
        G4MJW 28
        Rosignal 7 85 30
        Sobby. 31
        Scooby doo 36
        Sheepdog61 7 85 39
        Jo 46
        Hetty's Mates 85 057
        Andy 63
        3window 7 85 73
        bapsurf 75
        In Wales 7 86 079
        Bubble 7 86 89
        Suemed 7 86 098
        Landiekp(Keith). 7 86 101
        Pamsicle - Pam 7 86 114
        jonee4. 7 86 125
        Teddy 7 86 126
        Josie 7 86 129
        Tom24. 131
        Pluto 131?
        Chalkyuk. 7 86 141
        Bayliss. 7 86 144
        Sobby. 7 87 146
        Andy white 7 87 150
        Mazdaman. 150?
        Romengaccord. 161
        Tigger2. 168
        Tom Goro 7 87 183
        Mayfair Pete. 186
        Neil Arnold 7 87 189
        Twolitre Jim 7 88 199

        Not Known

        Seagrub (sold number unknown)
        Richard and Jean
        Momantai. s/n 933 ?
        Big Rich. Romini LS
        Pressup LXS
        Athel. LS
        Rattlecan LS


          Pam pamsicle and Jim Twolitre - to help with keeping the list up to date and easy to find I've copied your latest one to Jim's first post. (sorry we couldn't do it like you asked regarding editing yourself Pam but I hope this helps)

          As I might not always see the updates, when you have a new list you can alert me by clicking on the little flag at the bottom of posts and reporting the post - just tell me there is an update to do

          I've also deleted all the part lists in previous posts, to save confusion and help keep this thread shorter, but they are not gone forever, I can get them back if ever they need looking at.


            Thanks Pauline. Anything to keep the list updates easier.



              Thanks from me too Pauline. Though I now leave the "survivor" listings to Pam. I now only post there if I think I have something useful to add.
              You may have noticed that Pam even managed to correct someone about their seating location.
              Keeping people waiting is stealing a part of their lives.


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