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I Have A Romini!

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    Originally posted by Twolitre View Post
    Hi bubble,
    I'm afraid that I have been a bit lax with keeping the Romini records I started up to date. I have had other more personal matters to attend to.
    However, as you may have found elswhere on the forum the number , which should be on a door hinge and sometimes on the hitch gives more information than just the production number.
    The first number (in your case zero) is a bit of a mystery, but MAY indicate when a modification was first incorporated. your informatio that the van is number (0)89 is the production number seems correct. The remaining "86" should be the year it was made (1986). I will try to add yours and a couple of others to the list today.
    Hi jim the full number is 786089


      New Romini!

      Hi all -

      I have just purchased a Romini XLS .. I had never heard of them and didn't set out to buy a caravan in the slightest but somehow its ended up on the drive .. (I think I was searching ebay for a handbag an mistyped)

      Just googled them and came across you guys ! - so helloo!!!

      Not sure how you check the registration number but if somebody could point me in the right direction i'll take look (0:


        Hi, and welcome.I believe the XLS does not belong to the original family of Island Plastics Rominis. Of which only around 200 were built ceasing around 1988.
        I believe also that your Romini is very much newer and also a little bigger.
        The original Rominis had coded numbers on the top door hinge (and some on the wardrobe door top-edge), however I am unsure about numbering on the XLS etc.
        Elsewhere on the Forum there is much information about Rominis and some about the later ones produced by a different person.
        If the modern ones last as long as the originals you may have bought a caravan to last a lifetime!
        Good luck,
        Jim (owner of perhaps the last romini made by Island Plastics).
        Keeping people waiting is stealing a part of their lives.


          thanks for your welcome !

          I have just re-read and its an LXS not an XLS - but its all good (o:

          Will have a look for the number

          It is the same interior as any others ive seen but has an extra cupboard in the kitchen and the shower / toilet compartment opposite

          Couple of pics attached



            Whatever, the original Rominis (now considerably older than yours) had no identification letters and except for minor cosmetic changes were all the same. Just the numbers on the door hinge (which I doubt yours will have).
            There is on here, probably well back in the Romini section, some information from the man who built the LXSs
            (XLSs or whatever). Including, I think, info. of the numbers built. His were longer by the width of the extra cupboard on one side and the toilet compartment on the other. Although one I saw had no toilet compartment - the extra space accomodating a huge "king size" bed.
            There is a key word search on the Forum whick should help you to "zero-in" on Romini Items.
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            Keeping people waiting is stealing a part of their lives.


              There is some info about the collier design romini's on the main website,
              Why not have a look at my latest wildlife photos, habitat projects and general natural world related shenanigans?


                Thanks Jim (0: - does anybody know how many LXS were made by Collier Designs ?


                  I have a Romini

                  On my last day at Wensleydale Rugby ground THS. The steward Brian fom Lindum DA, was taking photo's of my Romini to put in their newsletter. I'll keep my eyes open for that. The only other small caravan on site was a Gobur carousel 2000. It was slimline and looked smaller than my Romini. Pam


                    Originally posted by pressup View Post
                    Thanks Jim (0: - does anybody know how many LXS were made by Collier Designs ?
                    I think it was around 12 of the LXS. I have one of the 2 LS models made.


                      Thanks Athel ! - do you have any pics of the LS - would love to see ..?

                      I have gone a bit Romini obsessive .. is that a normal development once you own one? .... friends and family are concerned

                      Put the awning up today for first time - was really simple (bit like a wendy house methinks) .. doubled the living space so am well happy with that ... just need a candelabra then (0;


                        I've just put up a thread of our first trip with some photos in. I must admit to having become slightly obsessive and annoying my family just a tad.


                          Hello Pressup

                          Welcome to the forum and congratulations on purchasing your Romini the LXS was made by Collier Designs, have you seen the article on our website?

                          Did you know you can follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter or you can visit us at our Website


                            Hi -

                            Yes - fascinating, who knew there was so much to it all? - I just thought I was buying a conveniently small caravan and it turns out there is all this history to it.

                            I wonder what happened to the moulds ... there must be a market for these, much nicer than the modern counterparts in my humble opinion - although I guess if Collier struggled to make it work, there must have been a reason ...


                              I seem to remember reading somewhere that the molds are now in Germany. Also that the production of the larger models was stopped due to financial chaos caused by Maggie.


                                Romini Caravan

                                I have one too, manufactured in 1986, will check serial number in the morning, I'm sure I wrote it down somewhere ?
                                (Stuck an attachment on here...not sure what's going to show......)
                                Attached Files


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