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Small Cracks by Chassis Bolts

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    Small Cracks by Chassis Bolts

    I have some small cracks in the body by the chassis bolts - visible from inside the underseat lockers. I have spoken to a very nice Caravan Man about repairing these but before we proceed wondered if anyone else has experience of repairing cracks here?

    The caravan mans plan is to replace current 'L' brackets with something covering a larger area of lockerside of wheel arch and making these plates ofa slightly thicker metal than current 'L' brackets. He is also considering putting a backing plate on the outer (wheel) side of the wheel arch to sandwich the fibreglass and further spread the load.

    He says he can then use resin to fill the existing cracks. This sounds good to me but does this sound okay to people who have had the same problem? If not what did you do and has it worked?

    Any advise or suggestions gratefully received!!

    ~ Jane
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    Hi Jane
    Sorry to hear that you have a problem with your pride and joy.

    I haven't had the same problem with the Romini that I bought although I was contemplating buying one with similar problems to what you have. The one I was looking at buying was in the South of France and the body had broken away from the chassis completely and although I had the confidence to be able to repair it, it would have meant bringing it 600 miles home on top of a trailer.

    I think your caravan repair man is working along the right lines, I would be inclined to also strengthen the affected area with fibreglass matting and set the above floor metal plates in the fibreglass whilst still wet.

    I'm in Fleet a few evenings a week and would be happy to pop down and have a look (and I want to be nosey, I've not actually seen another Romini!)

    Although I'm no expert I do come from an vehicle engineering background and would be happy to help out a fellow owner.

    I've sent you a PM with contact details.


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