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    Someone I knew a little while ago used to take a fold-up sort of cage , quite roomy, and used to sit pooch in that when orf showering etc.... said pooch was perfectly happy, especially with a few biscuits and water bowl.
    Actually , he told me he once drove off on a sight-see somewhere and ....... forgot him ! Quite how he managed that I'm not sure - but when he came back, the faithful friend ignored the opened door and went back to sleep...........

    [ I shouldn't be too critical, at the tender age of 14 I took Buster for a walk in the local park, early'ish morning, popped in to get a library book on way back, tying doggie up in porch while doing so.

    Mum arrived home around 4.00, and said, bring Buster in I'll give him his meal now .............

    Librarians had taken him in and made a great fuss of him, and were on verge of thinking someone had cruely dumped unwanted animal ! Big oops, and not a lot of sympathy from parents ....... ]


      I walked away from my dog .......... suddenly realised my left side felt empty, turned round and ..........

      Dogs get stolen often, particular gun dogs or certain breeds ........ ............


        Keeping my R20 cool

        Originally posted by Flossie View Post
        Hello everyone,
        I'd love to know how people who go solo camping with their dog/s get on please. I use commercial camp sites, lots of different kinds but have my favourites me and my dog are familiar with.
        My question is really about the necessities... What do you do with your furry friend whilst you shower (main reason I use the sites I do..) or go to the washing up facilities?
        It would have been possible to leave Mungo in the van previously because it stays cool but I am probably going to downsize to a Berlingo size van, so doubt this would be possible apart from in the winter!!

        Is there anything else I need to think ahead about when solo camping with my dog?

        I have an R20 with an Ebersbacher blow heater. This has a non heat setting so works like a fan. The combination of closing blinds/using silverscreen keeps the van really cool if ever I need to leave my dog for a bit.



          Maybe I posted this before but anyway I have this. It generates a good airflow and is quiet. Any day that there is sunshine and I have to leave my wee pal in the van for a few minutes then this is plugged in and the windows opened.

          No matter what I wouldn't leave her for more than 20 minutes during the day at any time of the year. I have left her a couple of times at night for a couple of hours when I went to campsite pubs and she was not very pleased when I came back to wake her from a deep sleep. I think its very important that if you take your dog camping they get plenty of exercise so that they sleep rather than get frustrated by the confined space.


            my dogs !!

            read this thread with interest ,my dogs go to sleep whenever I go anywhere ,they have their area and I have mine ,I leave them in it all the time when I go for a shower as its usually in the evening and by this time they are fast asleep and snoring their heads off ,too tired to care what I'm doing ,I say to them do you need the toilet and they look at me as if to say ye right as if ,once they have put the do not disturb sign up they wont budge for anything


              When we Buzz and I go to a Site .I go in the wash /Shower room or Loo tie him up out side stand by a window or door after a few mins All right Buzz good lad then come out after a few times he's thinking OOOO I know this routine its boooooring I will just lay down and watch the world go by .the other way is a doggy friend . At the Roma a g m when most were in the Tent for the entertainment ( NO DOGS IN THE TENT) stand by your beds, inspection salute the president ...a few of us stayed outside with lots of Dogs plenty of good advice in the threed good luck( Buzz)


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