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Romini (hope I've done the right thing?)

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    Romini (hope I've done the right thing?)

    OK. so my little Panda has done very well towing the Romini. But I did feel I could use a bit more power.Started looking around for something more suitable for next year. But on checking out my local car dealers I came across a car I fancied(no tow bar)took it for a test drive this morning and it's arriving tomorrow in my drive. so what did I buy I hear you ask.Answers on a postcard So now I've got my little Fiat up on gumtree. I'd love to keep it for a runaround since it's cheap to run but I can't keep 2 cars going.


    I know, I know, i've already seen you taking it for a test drive!!

    It will look great with the romini behind, you'll certainly get noticed!!
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      No you are wrong Glen, I can exclusively reveal Pam's new car. Here she is on her test drive.

      sinclair C5.jpeg
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        What? No Romini behind?
        Keeping people waiting is stealing a part of their lives.


          Romini Hope I've done the right thing

          OK you bunch of wise guys. How did you guess it was the Sinclair C5. I'll certainly turn some heads going up the A1 with my Romini on the back of that.But if you check my other post about the Romini tow bar, you'll have the answer to what I got.


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