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    European Travel

    Recently I was at the NEC at the caravan and motorhome show (and yes I saw Ant who very kindly brought me a new water cap which I had somehow lost) anyway I came across the GB Privilege Stand who organised motorhome tours to various countries. On my return home I went on the internet to check them out and discovered in May they are doing what they call a Germany Doggy Tour - this sounds ideal, for anyone who travels with a dog and has a dog passport knows how important their travelling companion is, the whole trip sounds great and they even organise the vet that ones dog has to see before returning to this country - having done this in France it can be a bit confusing. I am wondering if Romahome ever does anything like this - I am still very new to the club. I would love to tour aboard - especially if I get a new R20 next year, at the moment I have a Hylo duo - and this has taught me a lot about romahomes - but it would be good not to have to put up and take down the 'Lid' has I call it. Has a anyone joined a GB Privilege tour? and if so what was it like?

    European travel

    I would also love to travel to France. I must be one of the few people who have never been abroad and only aquired a passport two years ago!

    I have the usual fear of driving on the "wrong" side and negotiating roundabouts. I have read that the Roma Cub offered escorted trips to France ie a Romahome convoy! I wonder if they still offer these or whether we could do something similar ourselves with confident drivers at the front!



      European travel


      My daughter and myself went to France and Belgium this year I drove my car not the Hylo and it was very easy but then I learnt to drive years ago when my husband and myself were living in America for a few years, and I seem to be able to switch over from the left to right etc without a problem. But I think driving the Hylo would be a different thing, and I wouldn't have anyone else with me except my dog Jimmy and of course the sat nav, thats why I think I need to go with a group. When I went to France I brought a little thing from Halfords which I stuck on my windscreen to remind me about going round the roundabouts the correct way.


        From our experience it would be very hard to go round a roundabout the wrong way as the approadh road guides you the right way round. The only problem I have ever had was pulling out of a petrol station on a clear road and I pulled on the wrong side of the road but soon realised when I saw a car in the distance heading towards me.:eek:
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          Originally posted by Graham View Post
          From our experience it would be very hard to go round a roundabout the wrong way
          But not impossible. On my last day in France, I saw a car attempt to turn left by going the wrong way around with the expected results. Both cars were towed away by the wreckers. There was an A in the back window (French for L), so I assume it was a new driver.

          In general, I find it easier to drive on the continent than in the UK. The roads are usually wider and people do not seem to be in as much of a hurry as I find in Britain. I really noticed that last month when I arrived here.

          I've driven my C15D almost 50,000 miles in Europe now and approaching 400 nights sleeping in it. Time flies when you are having fun.

          Peter's Paragliding Nomadness


            I am a lone motor homer, and I have spent four months driving in Europe, including a three month stay in the Algarve. Spending a week traveling down, through France, Spain and Portugal, stopping at 'Airs'.
            I found that people were very helpful. In fact when the satnav that I relied on failed, I got lost as it is impossible to drive and look at a map.
            I stopped at a little French village, and asked an elderly couple the way, but they only spoke French, when they realized that I was lost they telephoned a neighber who spoke English, and he got in his car and escorted me through minor roads to the motorway, and then waved me on.
            Perhaps I am predudiced but I cannot see someone in Britain taking all that trouble just to help someone.


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