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Single Handed Drive Away Awning?

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    Single Handed Drive Away Awning?

    I have recently bought a Toyota Liteace Noah which came with an Outdoor Revolution Movelite S drive away awning, apparently only used twice and I would say from the condition of it that would be about right.

    Having looked at the instructions I am amazed at the number of guy lines required - it looks like a spider's web! Can this awning truly be erected by one person - without it taking hours and a frayed temper? I want to spend my trips away exploring the immediate area not putting up an awning!

    I was hoping for something simple and quick to erect - is this it or is there something else out there? Finances are stretched too which is another factor.

    Your thoughts and ideas please

    It's easy once you get the hang of it! I have put mine up on my own a few times, although it's easier with two people.

    It has a frame, two crossways set of poles to feed in, then up it goes. All awnings have a lot of guy lines, they help to make the awning sturdy. Whether you choose to peg down all the base loops/holes is entirely up to you. I peg every other one if the weather/wind is mild, and use delta pegs on the storm straps.

    Here's a video Graham did a while ago:

    There are utility tents, which you would simply erect next to/as close as you can get to the side of your vehicle, but you will still have guy ropes to peg down. Usually takes no more than half an hour.
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      I have a Quechua Base Seconds, which I bought after seeing positive posts about them on here. It isn't an awning, but it's design means you can put it very close to the van, and you have some cover between the van and the door. It has two doors, is very light, about 6 and a half kilos, and it pops up. You can have it popped up, pegged and guyed in 10 minutes, if that. If you use the search box on here you will find posts and videos about them. Mine has stood up to some hefty winds, though I'm not sure it would survive a gale. I may get a small air awning with storm straps etc to use if I'm likely to encounter very windy conditions. They are reasonably cheap, compared to awnings, from Decathlon.


        Easy Peasy to erect. I used to do our's on my own and Derek would get the pegging job. Once the cross poles are in situ it is possible to get it up into the correct position quite easily. A lot easier than our current "ballroom" size awning I can tell you.


          This one came with my van.

          It fits a C15 hitop very well, and I erected it easily on my own in less than 30 minutes.

          It didn't have instructions, so I reckon I can easily beat that next time.

          (Taking it down was 15 mins, but it was a good, clean, dry field)


            I tried a Movelite S when I had a C15. I could do the tent bit but needed another pair of hands to hold the tunnel on top of the van whilst I guyed it. That wouldn't be a problem if you have an awning channel or intended to throw it over the top.

            I like the Quecha pop up, much easier & quicker to pitch on my own.

            Even quicker and easier if you just want to mark your pitch and put the chairs undercover at night is a pop up toilet tent - about £15 off e-bay.


              I would buy a Quechua home base tomorrow if it would fit on the back of my caravan! Unfortunately, the height at the back is too high (chassis + door), and I would have to duck, going down the steps, at the same time, to enter the tent. Shame....


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