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Preparation for maiden voyage

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    Preparation for maiden voyage

    20170513_175550 (2).jpg

    My local village choir are decamping to a castle near Durham for a 3 day "lock in" this coming Bank Holiday Weekend. We will eat, drink, sing and make merry for three whole days - my idea of heaven! Rather than stay in the castle and share rooms, I have decided to camp in the castle grounds. Sort of solo camping, but with people I know nearby - ish! This will be my maiden voyage and the preparation is all very exciting.

    So far, Rosie the Romahome has been given a clean bill of mechanical health, a full service and new rear numberplate by Mike at the garage. Terry the carpenter has removed the forward facing rear seats and built me some benches. Ian, the upholstery cleaning man has done a great job sucking buckets full of muddy water out of the cushions and padding (so satisfying to see that go down the drain!), and Annie, owner of gorgeous black lab, and alto in the choir, has made me the first of the new yellow curtains for the side windows. Not yet sure whether to get a silver screen or make the long curtains to go behind driver/passenger seats. The fridge is working off the gas, all the lights work, have a new radio/cd player, so I think I'm all set. Will have to replace the water system at some point, after it got damaged by the diesel, but for now, I'm going to store litre bottles of water in the tank - think I can just about reach in through the access hole. Entirely possible that there might be room for a couple of bottles of something else in there too.... The only thing missing, was flowers and I think I've cracked that one too (see pic!).

    Tonight, I'm going to spend my first night aboard, just to see how many duvets, and hot water bottles I'm going to need to take with me. Durham is 300 miles further North than me, and Metcheck is showing night temperatures feeling like 2 degrees and possible frost over the Bank Holiday, so am probably going to be taking two hottie bottles just in case. No frost forecast here tonight, but only 6 degrees which is still a tad chilly, so might take the geraniums in - just to be on the safe side.

    Here goes........

    OOoh good luck! You're very brave, doing your first camping trip without EHU! Having said that, years ago, we camped in tents with two small children and not even hot water bottles... but we did camp in the summer... it was still cold overnight though!

    Glad to hear you have your mo-ho sorted out - that didn't take long!


      If it is any help we are slightly further north at Alnwick and it is quite cold, although there have been a couple of lovely sunny days. Romahomes are well insulated and we are finding our duvet sleeping bags plenty warm enough and no need for socks in bed either! We don't do hot water bottles.

      To be honest the hard part is getting out of the warm bed in the morning.

      Good luck on your maiden voyage. Look forward to the tales of enjoyment on your return


        North yorks

        Hi I live in north yorks can nip up see you help you out I am well none on site and safe to meet Tom


          Hi Tom,

          A really kind and generous suggestion - thank you so much.

          Sadly there won't be time to take you up on your lovely offer on this occasion, but I'm certain I'll be up that way again at some point.

          Many thanks indeed.


            Flowers are wonderful

            That was a beautiful write up, totally matches my mood. I get my new-to-me r20 next Saturday.could you reply with how you got on and what have you done since?
            Did you really take the flowers? They would make every one smile


              Originally posted by jonseyb View Post
              That was a beautiful write up, totally matches my mood. I get my new-to-me r20 next Saturday.could you reply with how you got on and what have you done since?
              Did you really take the flowers? They would make every one smile
              Hi Jonseyb,

              Nice of you to say so, thanks very much.

              I had a perfect first trip and you're right, the geraniums were a big hit! I reported back in the General Camping Discussion - it's still there under the heading "Amazing Maiden Voyage" if you're interested. Since then, I had a bit of a sleepover on my way to the funeral of a friend up North, but have mainly used my van on my day off to go down to beaches on the South Coast. I am loving having my own "base camp" wherever I go, and make a point of brewing up on every trip - just because I can!

              I haven't met up with any of the others yet - am so envious of those who have made it this weekend up to Tom's place - but am hoping to go to the Autumn get together in Wiltshire in September. I'll have to camp next door at the caravan club site as the club pitches are all taken now, and I'll probably only be able to get away for 24 hours, but at least I'll get to say hello and put a few faces to the lovely people who have been so generous with their time and energy on this site helping we "newbies" get our acts together!

              A very warm welcome to you. This is a great place to be - we're lucky to have a great gang here.

              Best wishes,

              Jules and Dogs


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