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Where to camp/microcamper near Liverpool?

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    Where to camp/microcamper near Liverpool?

    We may well be facing many weeks going to and fro to Alder Hey Children's Hospital, Liverpool. One of us will need to stay home with our children, so it will be a solo camper up in Liverpool, often a female. Solo camping in the wilds holds no fears, but don't feel so comfortable in the city. Is this an unreasonable concern? Does anyone have any suggestion of suitable campsites not too far from the hospital? There certainly don't seem to be many advertised online - either that or I am looking in the wrong place.

    Many thanks.

    ... Forgot to say ... we hope to have the Kangoo up and running as a micro-camper in time, so it doesn't have to be in a tent.


      We were at Liverpool last year and stayed at http://www.campingandcaravanningclub...ncornercamping which wasn't too far to walk for a bus into the city and a little further for a train.

      Prior to that we have stayed at - a little more expensive and about the same nearly mile walk to the train station. Did catch a glimpse of a red squirrel there but I doubt that's high on your list.


        Many thanks for your recommendation. I stayed in the 'Hidden Corner' site - it was a welcome relief from the noise and bustle of the city, and yet easily accessible. A lovely little site, thank you for drawing my attention to it.

        Felt totally safe camping there as a solo woman.


          Liverpool parking

          Have you thought of asking the hospital if you can park in a quiet corner . Ask the PALS team explain your situation . Worth a try
          Regards dots


            I did, and they did suggest somewhere, but some of the locals weren't sure if it would be safe for a woman on her own so I decided to go out to the campsite.

            Thankfully our grandchild's condition was better than doctors had feared. There have been times when we wondered if we would ever see our first grandchild alive, so we are so grateful that she was born stronger than doctors expected and for the wonders that the surgeons in Alder Hey have done. I am still waiting to have my first cuddle as all the time I saw her she had too many tubes coming out of her. Once they have had a chance to settle home, we will be heading over


              If no one else is weeping here, let me assure you both Liz and I are. Our first grandchild was born just over a year ago and she is our little bit of magic. I read your post to Liz and we both cried for you!

              May we add our wishes that you're grand-daughter recovers to full strength and capabilities as soon as possible.

              I'm so glad to have been able to help in some minute way in suggesting Hidden Corner.

              When you are able, give her a hug from us too.

              Liz and Brian


                I can really imagine your anguish.

                The cuddles, when they happen, will be magic and you won't want to put her down


                  Can't help with a campsite - but just wanted to send good wishes. My grandson has been under Great Ormond St doctors since he was born - he's now 10, leads an active life, enjoys skiing and walking in the hills with his dad (sleeping in a VW conversion) and did his first charity fundraising run earlier this year. When you can have the grand-daugher cuddles they will be extra special.

                  Best wishes to you and all your family.



                    I can't help with where to stay, But I wish to give my thoughts and
                    best wishes to you all. I Love my step grandson to bits and have
                    known him since he was just a few hours old and was able to hold him.
                    I know how special that was for me with not having any of my own blood.

                    I wish you all the biggest and most special hugs for when she is able to
                    have them.
                    Be Free, Be Safe, Be Happy and most of all Enjoy Yourself


                      Many thanks for people's well wishes and messages of support. I have just returned from visiting our grand-daughter and I have to say she is absolutely gorgeous - mind you I may be biased - and the cuddles very special. She is doing very well, although she will need more surgery in the coming months.


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