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    Hi there Maria, welcome to the boards. I am learning to lone camp at the moment I actually started this thread and it seems to have hit a real cord. There are singles groups out there but I have not tried any yet.

    Ian is right there are meets around but I think it is a major thing to come on your own for the first time to any meet to meet new people. At least it was to me. It has to be at the right time and feel right to you, we are all different. There are quite a few people that are single on the small motorhome meet, there are also groups that I have not tried just for singles.. the Phoenix Club and the New companions.

    But this board is about sharing experiances and asking questions so welcome.


      Hi Tentpeg,
      Good to hear from you. Just got back from 2 days camping - trying out the camper and teaching the dog the rules and it's really made me want to go away again NOW!:so happy:
      I see you're organising a meet near Tiverton in September so I hope I'll be able to get there and meet you all (or some of you).
      I'm trying to decide on a driveaway awning for the Romahome so any info would be much appreciated. I have to be able to put it up on my own so it must be quite light weight. Graham suggested Movelite or Riversway. Do you know anywhere I can see these awnings demonstrated?
      Any advice gratefully received.


        Most people here go for the movelight awning and seem happy with it... I made a decision to go for the khyam because i thought it would extemily easy to put up and thought it was a bit more stable. However other people swear by their movelites in windy conditions so possibly I have this wrong. Motorhome shows tend to have these out to see or otherwise you can see things on campsites or meets.

        Glad to hear you are enjoying your camper, it is what it is all about. It would be lovely if you could join us in Tiverton. There are other solo campers at the meet, quite a few small motorhome owners are solo campers.
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          Welcome Maria. You must come along to one of our "meets". We do have a good time. Pub for dinner, a ramble or a wander around the local shops, whatever takes your fancy. We have all ages from a 9month baby to some very ancient peeps, a really good mix & lovely people & as Ian said, dogs, cats etc. See you soon .


            Thank you Tentpeg and Pendel for your messages.
            I have some problems with my lower back and so I've been advised to have a word with Jay Jay re awnings. Hopefully she might also advise me.
            Best wishes


              Originally posted by Tentpeg View Post
              My children have really flown the nest and so camping is increasingly going to be solo for me now. My first experiance trying out a C15 was great from the accomodation etc side but I did find it difficult to adjusting to visiting places on my own & wondered about stratagies.

              At times I really enjoyed it, on the campsite was great for instance. Where I came unstuck was visiting attractions such as National trust properties as normally had the children in tow, it felt a bit strange. Even though generally I like my own company I suppose I felt a bit lonely seeing everybody else in groups and me just on my todd. The other thing was once I ate out in the evening on my own in a pub... that felt weird and not something I would repeat in a hurry.

              I want to carry on camping as it is something I love. I also think that this problem is not confined to camping and is more about adjusting to a new stage in my life. Be interested to hear your responses..... Thanks everybody.
              Go for it, it is daunting at first, i did the same 3 year ago, altought i have not eaten in a pub alone yet, i love the whole experience, getting up when i feel like it, cooking for myself, total freedom..


                Originally posted by karenw View Post
                Another alternative to a dog is a big, cuddly, free-range house-bunny. These are rapidly growing in popularity, particularly amongst professional couples working long hours and unable to commit to morning, mid-day and evening walkies.

                Large-breed rabbits have many of the characteristics of small dogs - playful, affectionate etc and although they enjoy a walk on a lead and harness, this isn't essential.

                Buns travel well, love to scamper across a beach, are quiet, don't smell and they'll use a litter tray. Could be worth considering for anyone looking for a furry friend but unable to commit to the needs of a dog.

                Not that I'm biased, of course...
                I had a beautiful continental giant rabbit called Jaffa, he was our third dog and our whippets slept on his big fat tummy, it was a very sad day when we found him dead under the trampoline, he was a house rabbit that used the cat flap. All six of us including hubby sat in the louge bawling our heads off, it still brings tears to my eyes talking about him. My husband attends speaker clubs and his talk that week was about Jaffa everyone laughed and cried at the stories about him. I never replaced him, he has a grave stone in the garden, made professionally made for him..


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