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Not brave: just enjoying travelling!

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    Not brave: just enjoying travelling!

    People say "Aren't you brave to go alone?", but that isn't at all how it feels.

    I have just come back from 2 1/2 weeks cycle camping round northern Scotland on my own and I got fed up of people saying you must be brave! I think being a lone female shocks them even more! Then when they discover that I was not just camping but wild camping they just can't relate to it at all and I fall off the scale of what is perceived to be normal (not that I ever wanted to be normal!)

    I've done loads of travelling on my own and it's never felt 'brave'! I travel alone because I like travelling and don't know anyone else daft enough to join me, besides I really enjoy being able to stop whenever I want or go where I choose. Yes a partner on the same wavelength would be great but they are scarce, meantime I am going to carry on discovering the world - on two or four wheels!

    I think the best approach to lone travelling is to be comfortable in your own company, that way not only will you never be lonely but others enjoy your company too. For those who are new to travelling solo I would suggest easing yourself into it, a night here and there on a small campsite, probably not far from home will build your confidence and before you know it you will be off on bigger adventures!

    Very well said - from another solo (not 'lone') female camper currently also wilding in Northern Scotland. Of 7 nights away, just one night has been spent on a site so far - and this was for a major drying out session following 3 days of torrential rain followed by a storm.

    Keep enjoying your solo-wilding. Personally, I love the freedom and flexibility and wouldn't have it any other way!


      I agree Electron Blue... I have travelled to many places in the UK and abroad by myself. I travelled alone as many of my friends liked the idea of travelling but there was always an excuse and I ended up going no where.

      Sooo I had 7 weeks off work and travelled all around NZ. I loved the freedom of being able to do what I want and when I want; plus I meet many great people along the way. I was albe to horse ride, sky dive, going on a helicopter to the top of a glacier, go on coach tours and do many more things I might not have been able to do if travelling with someone else.

      I am very lucky to have found a partner (now husband) who is on the same wave length as me (after many years of looking) but wouldn't hesitate to travel alone again if I needed too.

      So you all need to get out there and just do it :so happy:
      Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see :)


        Hi. Electron Blue.
        Whether one has a partner or not, there is a lot to be said for being confident enough to travel around on one's own. As you say, you go at your own pace and to wherever YOU want to go. I often go off on my own in my little van, in the UK, though as yet lack the confidence to do the same abroad, whether in the van of or by place / boat / eurostar. Something to do with my fear of getting hopelessly lost. Luckily my daughter makes an excellent travelling companion, when available.

        So, good for you. Have fun and enjoy your wanderings.
        Carpe diem! :)


          I never seem to get a chance to go off on my own, all my spare weekends and holidays are taken up with meeting up with different groups of camping friends that I've made since I was widowed.


            Hi - I'm just starting out as a solo traveller & to begin with odd days/nights out is sound advice - I'm planning to get more adventurous but what really helped me was doing my first weekend (Norfolk) with folk from this club - really welcoming and helpful.

            I'm heading off next week - not sure where yet but this will be a longer trip - (anyone else out?) I really need to get everything in the van working!

            Ian found the 'hidden' gas tap for me when we were in Norfolk - doh!

            Anyway, if another solo wants to link up there's many of us out there who'll be up for that


              Hi everyone,
              I've had people say I'm brave when they find I'm travelling alone. Why am I brave ? I just think it's 'normal' and enjoy my travels and meeting new people.

              By the way Caz are you a relative of the Wilkinson family ? I think I have seen you on roots chat as I'm of the same family.



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