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    Mehler Camping?

    Does anyone know anything about a (I think German) firm called Mehler Camping?

    We picked up a proper canvas frame tent locally last week, purely because it was very very cheap and we can't resist a bit of canvas but the seller didn't know what it was. I've had a scadge at it today and found a label which says Mehler Camping.

    Found this as on a German website

    Which appears to be the same tent as ours but haven't been able to find any other details
    Better a rainy day on the hill than a sunny day in the office!

    You might need Google to translate from the German

    they started in the late 18hundreds, first with canvas, and then technical fabrics, in 1915 also woven fabrics for car tyres, then waterproof tarps, coats, tents and so on..

    In 2000 they got together with a company called Stromeyer ....yours must be pre 1990.. , they did the fabrics over the Olympic Stadium in big circus tents and the like...

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      Thanks for that, very interesting. Are they a well known tent brand on the continent? It is a lovely looking tent and in great condition but we won't have a lot of use for it
      Better a rainy day on the hill than a sunny day in the office!


        Never heard of them, knew about Stromeyer.....a friend of ours had a small theatre company and their circus tent was from them...




            It does say Stromeyer on the label as well. It's a nice thing anyway, someone will want it
            Better a rainy day on the hill than a sunny day in the office!


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