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Packing away a frame tent.

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    Packing away a frame tent.

    As many of you know, I am a solo camper, thus when I am using Sunny the frame tent, I have to wrestle with the canvas on my own.

    This isn't too bad when erecting it, because I just drag the canvas over the half erected frame, squiggle it about a bit to get it square on the frame and then hoof it up to full height one leg at a time. Peg it out, job done.

    However, when packing it away recently, it has been all a bit of a faff laying the canvas out, dragging it square, folding it up, then rolling it and trying to get it in to the bag. But today as I was dismantling her, I suddenly remembered that you don't drag the canvas on to the floor to fold it, you fold it on the half erected frame! Why I had forgotten this, goodness knows. It all came flooding back to me and within minutes, the canvas was neatly folded on the frame and just dropped on the floor to be rolled up. Job done again!

    So much neater and quicker!

    It's the last trip out for Sunny this year, but I am going to make some notes and laminate them and put them in the tent bag over the next couple of days. Last on the list in big letters will be 'FOLD THE CANVAS ON THE FRAME!'


    Brilliant idea Pandabloke ! Especially if the grass is still damp. It was something that was worrying me a bit about using my frame tent during the shorter days, as it takes so long for the dew to dry out and I didn't want to drop the canvas down onto damp grass. I think I would leave the groundsheet down, as I can imagine with only one of you folding the tent whilst still on the frame, at least part of the folded canvas might flop down between the poles as it's folded up smaller.

    Thanks for sharing that with us, anyway. Hope you enjoyed your weekend out in 'Sunny' anyway!


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