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Public Showers

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    Public Showers

    Hi all,

    There is a thread currently on our Romahome forum which includes requests for information on public or accessible showers.

    I wonder, Mr and Mrs Moderator, whether we could make a 'sticky' that we could add to, making a list of showers that we as site users know of or have used?

    I think we can take it as read that an awful lot of major motorway services offer showering facilities and that leisure centres can be accessed at a price for showers too. And various camping club sites obviously have these facilities. However, I believe there are numerous other council run facilities and similar that we simply can't find information on until someone else has experience of them.

    I'm not sure how this list would work, to be honest, but until it gets bigger, perhaps we could reply to this thread and put town and county in the heading of the new post?

    I'll give it a go and you'll see what I mean.

    What do you think?


    Sandwich, Kent

    Public showers available on the quay at Sandwich. Price £2.50 for 15 minute shower.

    Sandwich Town Council manage these attended public toilets on the quay, at Sandwich in Kent. It is 20p for a wee, or t'other, but also it is £2.50 for a fifteen minute shower in a big shower room attached to the building. Attendants normally only allow one adult per shower in the room, but I am sure that young children would be able to use the facility with a parent at no extra cost.

    These facilties were intended for use by yachtsmen visiting the town but are becoming more popular with motorhomers. The showers and loos are exceptionally clean and well maintained.

    Do not mistake them for the the ordinary public toilets at the rear of the Guildhall. Adequate though these are, you need the attended loos on the Quay, for the shower facility.

    Pop in and see the lovely attendants and say that Kev. (Panda) the Sandwich Town Crier sent you!

    Happy scrubbing!



      Sounds a good idea Panda, I've stuck this thread if anyone else wants to put the ones they know of please add them here and we'll see how it goes.

      Can't find the thread on the Romahome section but feel free to copy it on here.
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        glenelg community centre showers were £1 we been twice now
        went to skye crossed over on the turntable ferry in the big motorhome for the price of a car. wife was having kittens lol
        used the military road back out fantastic view at the top by the picnic tables



          Bude Cornwall - the toilets in the car park by the harbour, and beach have showers. This is the building with Lifeboat Station, Cafe, and the toilets on the opposite end to the Lifeboat.
          The way Cornwall council is closing toilets - this info may be out of date. Summerlease car park
          I will update this Easter time.
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            Norfolk - Loddon Staithe.

            Excellent public shower on the staithe at Loddon. Token for ten minutes for £2.00 from Bridge Stores opposite the staithe.
            VERY hot and plenty of hanging hooks and a seat to dry yourself on.

            i expect a number of staithes and boatyards in Norfolk have public showers, but this is the first one I came across.



              I seem to recall there were showers available in the main car park in Tobermory. Don't know how much or what they were like but worth a look if you're on Mull


                Norfolk - Horsey Windpump. (I know, made me laugh too.)

                Horsey windpump is a windmill......

                For some reason the National Trust has fitted a public shower in its car park toilet facilities at Horsey Windpump. However, I'm not complaining.

                Good temperature and reasonably clean. £2.00 token and combination for the door fom the National Trust shop on site, which closes at 4.30pm. I had a ten minute shower and the water was still running. Only complaint was that the shower is one of those where you have to constantly prod the button, so not a continuous flow.



                  In ULLAPOOL at 57.895814, -5.162115 (paste into Google maps search box) you'll see this The building with the gable end visible down the alley is an excellent public loo with free showers. For the more hardy among you, I should point out that all highland lochs and rivers offer free bathing, but sadly offer only cold water!


                    I know there are some Public showers at Whitby Train Station and also in the Public Loo's in the Harbour Carparks.
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