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    kent wild camping

    hi all
    i ve been doing my family tree for last couple of years and one branch of it is from kent, mainly thanet all along the coast to dover, i have a good amount of info on the places they lived and would like to visit them
    some of the places are more inland like ripple, ringwould and eastry, does anyone know whether there s places round here that you can camp over night, i mean for free, we totally wild camp, as in apart from buying food and petrol we spend nothing, we dont really go in pubs
    in thanet its mainly round the margate, st lawrence area, there s loads of grave s i want to visit, but again will we be able to park up easily, as i ve never been to kent i have no idea how rural it it, im imagining it is, but i could be totally wrong
    as my partner does all the driving i know it will cause problems if we get there and there s nowhere to park, we re in a converted transit type van, that has windows and was once used as an ambulance pick up with wheelchair access etc, so its not massive
    any help or info on places most welcome

    thanks cathie

    Welcome to the forum.

    I'm a wildcamper myself who doesn't use pubs either. Although I previously lived in East Sussex, I'm not very familiar with Kent but I'm sure others here will have more idea of suitable locations.


      Hello Cathieee and welcome from me too.

      We don't wild camp so I can't help there either !! just wanted to say Hi!


        The Canterbury Park & Ride at New Dover Road has parking set aside for motorhomes. It's not free, but it's only £3 a day and you can stay for 48 hours. It has fresh water and waste disposal facilities.
        It's not too far from all of those areas, so might make a decent base to explore from?
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          Kent is rural although busy. You will probably find a place. I expect you are experienced but away from the coast is often less crowded.


            Hi there,


            Dover Western Heights car parks. Two of them with heightbarriers. I have wilded in both of them. Dover, North Military Hill should get you there. Don't use the one fo Drop Redoubt Fort. It has a barrier blocking access at night.

            Langdon Cliffs - Dover. Behind Dover Castle. National Trust green space. Expensive during the day but at night gates remain open and you can use viewpoint to stay overnight. Be gone before the Trust start charging. Used by courting couples, take away eaters and camper vans regularly!

            St Margarets Bay. Beachfront car park. Loads of campers use it for wilding all year round. Free after 6pm til 9am. Use The Coastguard Public House address for location, but DON"T use their car park. Use the big gravel one adjacent.

            St Margaret's Bay. Dover Patrol memorial. Google Dover Patrol memorial, some parking up their, campers regularly use it overnight. Just be respectful.

            St Margaret's Bay. Lighthouse Road. Go along the unmade road, past the houses and on to the track. Bit bumpy. One or two pull-ins off the track or turn left over the cattle grid in to the nature reserve. Used it myself.

            Deal. Walmer Castle Car park. Public car park opposite Walmer Castle. Ignore signs, just leave early. Used it myself many times.

            Deal. Marine Parade - Walmer. Just off the fork in the road from the RNLI Lifeboat House onThe Strand. You'll see other campers parked on the road!by the green. Join them, just be respectful and discreet. Known overnight spot.

            Deal. Free beachfront carpark bays. Drive along the seafront past the pier and past the Royal hotel. Lots of bays on seafront. The ones further along are free, the others are again 6pm - 9am free, I think.

            Deal. Victoria Park. There is a public car park, rarely used, at the rear of Victoria Park in Deal, the side of road with the childrens playground in it, not the leisure centre side. Overnighted there numerous times myself. Very secluded with no evening traffic. Curiously, the boy racers haven't found this one yet!

            Sandwich. Guildhall, Quay and Gazen Salts car parks. All public car parks, but regularly used by campers at night. Arrive late and leave early. Usual Dover District Council payments only between 9-5pm. Free at night. Used them all myself with no bother.

            Westgate/Margate. Royal Esplanade -Westgate There is a beachfront car park that is very discreet oof the Royal Esplanade. If you drive along Royal Esplanade and jus look for the P for parking sign and drop down on the beach. I have 'courted' (ahem) down there in the past and have seen campers down there.

            I can only say that some of these car parks have 'no overnight' signs in them, but I have used them discreetly and respectfully and had no problems. It is as ever, your choice.

            That's it for now. Haven't been to Thanet wilding much, so I can't help a lot there. But Deal and Dover are only half an hour away or so. If I think of anything, I'll post further.

            Ok. I would ask those who do not agree with wild camping not to comment here, as I am trying to help someone who does wild camp! I respect that you may not like wild camping and I wouldn't interrupt a thread of yours to tell that you are wrong. So please don't jump on this thread as an opportunity to have a go at wild campers please. 'Nough said. Ta.

            Hope this helps.


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            These broken wings are gonna leave me here to stand my ground........


              Cathie, PM me if you need more general info on this area. I'm Deal, but obviously know the local area well. If I can help, I will.

              These broken wings are gonna leave me here to stand my ground........


                thank you all so much, we re not going till end of summer, but i m determined to be organized, as often we dont know where we re going to sleep till we get there lol, but thats usually in more remote places, but going to kent i m imagining that there wont be many really remote places to go to, but nothing worse than its getting dark and dont know where the hell you are or where you re going

                like i said thanet to dover, you seem to have given me a good variety of places from sandwich down to dover, so thats well covered, but if anyone still has any ideas for higher up the coast that would be holiday sorted lol

                i did nt realize some people did nt like wild campers, obviously i know if everyone did it it would nt work and i can imagine it annoying locals, but in this day and age i dont think there s that many people prepared to almost live rough, we have no electric, no running water, no sat-alight, so no computer or tv, all we have is a little stove and a portaloo, but we have plenty of books, seduko s and our camera s, we re very quiet leave no litter, light no fire s, make no noise and find great joy in the countryside and coastal area s

                as i ve said i ve been doing my familytree and now go to ireland each year to see relatives i never new i had, walking in the footsteps of my family past, but if we were having to pay at campsites each night we could nt afford to do it, we dont mind paying a couple of quid a night for a carpark stay over as long as we can get in it, we may not pay for any resources, but then neither do we use any, only walk the earth and breath the air and last time i looked they were both free :P

                but thanks again guys for all the info


                  Hi again,

                  Don’t worry about my comments about people not liking wild campers. It is occasionally a little contentious when one puts wild camping locations in the public domain, that’s all. I imagine if one lived adjacent to an area where wild campers regularly congregate, then it might get annoying. I was just being overly cautious. I only wild camp, myself. There is just the odd person that doesn’t understand it. I am sure everyone here is very supportive of your attempts to trace your family tree and I hope we can find more locations for you.

                  These broken wings are gonna leave me here to stand my ground........


                    oh good and thanks again, if anyone needs any help with ireland, i d be glad to help, we ve done most of the wild atlantic way from waterford to mayo a couple of times now, breathtakingly beautiful


                      When looking at my wild camping list above, please correct the address Marine Parade for The Beach. Goodness knows why I though the road was called Marine Parade! It is definitely called The Beach.


                      These broken wings are gonna leave me here to stand my ground........


                        Pandabloke - please remove "****************************" from your post! These car parks both clearly indicate "No Overnight Parking".

                        Both are very small car parks, and lately (probably due to this post), most days there have been several large camper vans parked in these car parks - normally for several days at a time. Recently, a pair of camper vans had the audacity to put up deck-chairs and tables in the car park, which took up a large number of the available car spaces, while other visitors had to park on the road!

                        Just today, two camper vans have parked irresponsibly in the middle of the car park, taking up around 10-12 parking bays - around the third of the total bays available.

                        These small car parks are free so visitors can enjoy the parks, it is NOT A FREE CAMPSITE.

                        Kindly remove the inclusion of these parks form your post, because these large vehicles, staying several days at a time, are causing a lot of problems.


                        Last edited by Graham; 11-07-2018, 10:32. Reason: Take out car park name


                          Hi Marc,

                          I will ask the mods to remove **************** car parks, no problem. However, it is very unlikely that large motorhomes are from this forum as this is a small motorhome forum.....

                          It far more likely that on the many, many other forums completely dedicated to wild camping spots, other people have advertised these areas as likely venues. I have always suggested that people be respectful, i.e. turn up late and leave early. I'm afraid I cannot be responsible for inconsiderate motorhomers!

                          Wild camping is always a contentious issue. I have my opinions and i will stick to them and it is not an area I will debate on an open forum. Nearly everywhere says no overnight parking, which, particualrly in the Dover area, makes it theoretically impossible for anyone waiting for a ferry until the wee small hours, to park!

                          I will ask the mods to edit my post and remove **************** car park, though, no problem. I will not enter any further discussion regarding this matter.

                          Mods, would you kindly remose ***************** car park from my list of wild camping spots on this thread. Thanks!

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                          These broken wings are gonna leave me here to stand my ground........


                            NOMADGB is well worth a look and it's free, the map is zoomable and links to Streetview so you can check out locations ahead of arrival. requires a subscription before you can download POIs. Nomad screen dump below.

                            kent.jpg click to enlarge


                              Have removed the mention of the carpark but as Panda says it is unlikely many visitors were coming from here, there are some very big wild camping forums which no doubt discuss it.
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