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Milenco Optimate 10 Leisure Battery Charger for Motorhomes for sale £35

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    Milenco Optimate 10 Leisure Battery Charger for Motorhomes for sale £35

    Not doing much mileage recently, we phoned C & CC for advice and they said buy the above Battery Charger which we then bought from Perthshire caravans on 31.10.18.

    In the meantime, had contacted Wellhouse re chargers, they answered us after we had bought the Milenco. Sods law. They told us there was a charging point for a C_Tek charger under the drivers seat of our vehicle. We have since bought the C-Tek, therefore Milenco Optimate 10, nearly new, for sale. £35. Could post by tracked courier, insured with signature required for £5.25. Can be collected from Scone, Perthshire/

    Milenco 10 by Optimate Automatic Battery Charger and Maintainer! It’s the ideal care for auto and recreational vehicle sized batteries! Automatic temperature controlled 6 step pulse charge-maintainer that optimises the performance of modern sealed 12V Leisure batteries and automotive batteries, as well as optimising the performance of your deep cycle leisure battery. This charger can also recover (desulphate) ‘dead’ (sulphated) batteries. Simply connect and forgot, there is no risk of over or under charging, the battery gets what it needs to maintain its health when in storage!
    • Automatic reactive programming for superior battery care
    • Constantly analyses battery status and adjusts pulse charge accordingly
    • Optimised for long term maintenance on 12V leisure and automotive batteries
    • Can desulfate and charge a near dead battery automatically to restore and maintain battery performance
    • Saves batteries with as little as 2V output
    • Controls battery temperature to avoid overheating
    • No risk of overcharging
    • Totally safe for vehicle electronics
    • Fully sealed weatherproof case
    6FT / 180cm A/C lead and 6FT / 180cm charge lead

    I have advertised this on Gumtree, Perth & Kinross where more photos and contact details are available or pm me.

    Thanks, Margaret

    This item is now sold. Thanks


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