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tow bar for a C15 based romahome

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    tow bar for a C15 based romahome

    i have an as new tow bar for a C15 based romahome only fitted to make sure if fitted, and since then it has been living in the back of the shed, made by a specialised company in poole, it is very well made and encapsulated in some kind of plastic protection, collection only from the sunny isle of wight 077 614 314 06
    my apologies for an earlier posting in the wrong section

    Hi John, Welcome to the forum.
    Sounds like an extremely useful accessory, unfortunately the isle of wight is a bit outside my range. How is it secured to the vehicle?

    You're probably outside a lot of peoples range, if you genuinely want rid of it then i'd reccomend being preapared to post it. If people show interest, perhaps you could put it up on ebay and spread the ebay link around.

    Good luck.


      tow bar

      there are 2 angled pieces that bolt direct into existing holes in the chassis, the main section then bolts directly to them with holes then drilled into the floor in the kitchen area to fix the strengthening plate fitting. copy this item number 200501478476 into ebay search box for more info and a picture, or email me

      [email protected]

      tele 077 614 314 06
      if anyone coming to the iow meet later in the year wants it i will save till they get here.


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