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Bedford Rascal 1987.

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  • jayjay
    Hi there Sandra - welcome!

    You can buy a Haynes manual pretty cheaply on Ebay. I had the user handbook as well for mine (sadly sold, also called Daisy!) which you just might come across on ebay occasionally.

    Here's the Haynes manual:
    or this one

    Dont worry that it looks different from yours and is not a pick up, the engine is the same. There's also some of those that are full price if you'd just like to buy-it-now.

    This site should be able to help with an owners manual: and they also stock most of the parts for your van. Very helpful ppl!

    Good luck with your little van!

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  • Daisie
    started a topic Bedford Rascal 1987.

    Bedford Rascal 1987.

    Hello. I have very recently bought a Bedford Rascal Demountable Romahome 1987. Known as Daisy !!! I have got loads of paper work including original receipt etc. etc. but I haven't got a User Manual/ Handbook for the actual Bedford Rascal To make the book work complete I just fancy getting one. Has any body got one for sale please. Cheers Sandra.

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