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C15 auxiliary springs

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    C15 auxiliary springs

    Citroen C15 d spring assisters.

    These are bolt on in place of the rear bump stop plate.

    will lift rear end up about 3 - 4 inches

    £50 inc P&P

    PM me please as I only have 2 sets at the moment and first come first served

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    Sold both sets already so I will make some more by thursday. The next ones may have a stainless bottom support but same price.

    I tried some black 9 1/2 inch ones on my roma and it handled like a F1 car ish and no roll in the corners.

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      I have made 3 more pairs of spring assisters, all gloss Black.


        spring assisters

        I finally manage to find this thread. I would very much like to talk to you about these , can you give me a ring (xxxxxx mobile or xxxxxx land line or let me have your no so as I can call you. Den

        Phone numbers removed by admin. Please use the personal message service on the forum, this is for your protection.


          I've just joined to enquire about these spring assisters, as I've just bought a 1991 nu venture baby which is wiping its bum on the floor....
          I've just been having a quick look around the forum, and see you were lucky to survive a boating accident, so hope you are recovering
          If you get a chance, can you message me about these assisters, as I don't seem to have permission to pm you


            Hi Jinklebert

            First time posters only have limited permissions to deter spammers. I have just approved your membership so you will be able to send personal messages now, although I am not sure he will be able to help you just yet he is still recovering from his accident.

            Welcome to the forum.
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              Hi, Rio
              Hope you are feeling better now you are home M8,
              Imagine the fun you can have careering round the place in a wheel chair
              Don't push too quickly to get up and about, take your time and get a solid repairs to them legs,
              On another note,
              Can you tell me the dimensions of the springs you are using on these assister springs, as I am looking making similar assister for my Fiat doblo camper,
              But so far have been unable to source springs,
              Any assistance would be appreciated,
              Here's for your early recovery and back to your old haunts,
              If mistakes are the foundation of understanding, i have firm foundation,Underpinned by much in the way of I don't want to do that again


                C15 spring assisters

                Hi rlo, I'm interested in a set of spring assisters could you please pm me. Many thanks tony


                  Hi Tony,

                  sorry I no longer make anything for Romahomes as I can't stand up.
                  best to call Graystones or give Ant a call.



                    C15 Roma spring assisters

                    Hi again rio just seen your reply to my post, and appreciate your heath probs etc.dont worry about my somewhat trivial enquiries, I'll explore other avenues, I wish you well thanks tony


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