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Romahome Hylo Cherished registration number for sale: H10 YLO

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    Romahome Hylo Cherished registration number for sale: H10 YLO

    Cherished registration number H10 YLO for sale to suit Romahome Hylo with date of first registration 1 August 1990 or later (Cannot be allocated to any vehicle older than this) .

    Ideal to make your motorhome stand out from the crowd at meets, to hide the original age related registration number, as a gift or just for fun. The number is currently on a certificate of entitlement in my name which has my wife's name as nominee. Bought as a gift, but she no longer needs it. The certificate will be assigned/nominated to the successful buyer via the DVLA before sending the certificate to you, see details below. I will be happy to help with the paperwork to make the transfer as easy as possible.

    The cost of re-nomination of the number to the buyer's name is included in the price and the DVLA transfer fee to assign it/put it onto your vehicle has been pre-paid.

    After purchase, in addition to the re-nominated certificate of entitlement, you will need to have the following items available to successfully transfer the number to your vehicle: V5 for your vehicle (Must be in your name), MOT certificate (if applicable), Copy of the tax disc (the original will be requested by the DVLA later). It may take up to 28 days to complete the transfer of the certificate to you, depending on speed of DVLA responses.

    Asking price is £1200 or nearest offer. Please send Personal Message with any questions if interested.

    Please see the guidelines for sellers below that I have found for Cherished number sales/transfers:

    Number plate on retention

    If your number plate is on retention then completing the transfer is very straightforward.

    The person purchasing your number plate will need to be added to the retention document as the nominee - this will allow you to transfer the plate to a vehicle registered in their name.

    Add or change the nominee

    To add a nominee to your retention document you must complete the add/change nominee section and send the document to your nearest DVLA office- if you send it by post it take on average 10-12 days depending on how busy your DVLA local office is.

    Assigning a number plate

    To transfer a number plate from retention to a vehicle is known as assigning a numberplate.

    If you hold a number plate on retention then to assign it you need to transfer it to a vehicle registered in either your name or that of the nominee.

    To assign the number plate you will need to send the following to the DVLA:

    V5 for the receiving vehicle
    MOT certificate (if applicable)
    Copy of the tax disc (the original will be requested later)
    Cheque payable to DVLA SWANSEA (For H10 YLO this will be covered for you)

    Often when selling number plates- the buyer is added as a nominee to the retention document to allow it to be transferred to a vehicle.

    Once the number plate is assigned

    Once the document has returned, your buyer may now transfer the number plate to his/her vehicle- once the transfer has completed you have "exercised your rights" under the cherished transfer scheme and ownership / entitlement of the plate changes to the owner of the vehicle upon which the plate now sits.

    Thanks for the donation to the forum.
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      Cherished Number Price reduced

      Hi all,

      We have decided to reduce the asking price for H10 YLO. It is also listed on EBay, but the asking price on the forum is now reduced to £900 ono, to hopefully make the number more affordable and attractive for a quick sale. We will also reduce the asking price on EBay after a few days to allow Forum members first option before offering the lower price to a wider audience.



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