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Wanted, small 2nd user motormover for caravan.

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    Originally posted by blackpoodle View Post
    Hi Jackie

    Glad you're fixed up OK- jockey wheel one sounds just the ticket. Amazing fitting price from Powrwheel- they charged us £70 in 2003, a family friend had mine a couple of years ago and paid £125 so I think so £250 is excessive though I understand the newer versions have automatic engagement rather than manual so maybe they charge more because of that). According to my brother who has an engineering background and is pretty handy, they are easy to fit with the instructions. In the absence of handy family, mobile caravan engineers usually would fit cheaper than that. If you or any one else on here knows of someone who may be interested in the motormover then just let me know

    Thanks Janet - still trying to persuade the parents to buy your mover, but I'm not getting anywhere... At present, my sister and her hubby go and get it out and hitch it up for them, then come back and pitch it back on the drive for them. And it's not easy! Parents say there is always plenty of ppl to help them pitch on site, and I've often found that myself, ppl are pretty helpful if they see someone struggling! So I'm trying a different approach, which is to fit it for my sis and hubby's sake.

    Parents say they might sell it next year as they are getting too old... but I've pointed out that a mover can be sold with it, or taken off and sold separately, and will reflect in the sale price. Plus, I think my sis will buy it anyway!

    I think the only thing that's stopping them is the fact that they might need a second leisure battery 110amps and will have to shell out for that as well!


      Originally posted by jayjay View Post

      Not sure yet if this is the answer! (Fingers crossed) I'm waiting for my son to come over and lift it out of the car as it's far too heavy to lift. However, once it's on the floor, it has four wheels and powered forwards/reverse motion, so it's not a problem then - it will live in the shed until I need it.

      While my son is here today, I'm hoping he'll give me a hand to change the jockey wheel as well, then we can have a play with the Mr Shifta+caravan and see what's what!
      waited two days for son#2 to come and get out of the car.. I also wanted his opinion on the drive/jockey wheel fitting.. In the end son#3 came and got it out, but he didn't have time to play with it with me. What a pain! So it's sat in the shed now.


        Originally posted by jayjay View Post
        :... So it's sat in the shed now.
        Comisserations, It's annoying when you can't play with a new toy. Ann


          Linda and her partner came down yesterday - Nathan is a very handy, an extremely strong man! So between us we got the new jockey wheel on, and the Mr. Shifta out to play. Took a while to get the old Al-Ko casting off and reassemble, but it fits my hitch fine.

          Now all I need is a couple of bags of instant cement, as although it pulls and pushes the caravan about very well, both get stuck on the shale type soft drive surface, even now I have a pneumatic jockey wheel! Arggghhh!!

          Nothing is ever straight forward, is it? I now need to get one of my sons to put down some instant cement. (hope that might be before Xmas then) Then all shall be well.


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