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    Well done both. I suspect us moderators might have a little tougher life from now on in, but, hey ho, this forum is worth it! I was an early advocate for politics to be discussed, hoping that such a wide group of people would have a wide ranging viewpoint and that my own beliefs might be challenged. Sadly that didn't happen and it became mainly a fairly monotonous beating of a drum (who's tune I already marched to) - political soapboxing rather than well-argued debate.

    Possibly many of you who don't administer computer systems may be unaware of the hours of work they must have had to put in to investigate whether hiving off politics was even possible, let alone the work managing over 10,000 registered users onto a new infrastructure. And they put that effort in because they saw it as the best way for the forum to resolve some of the dissatisfaction of some members at finding, what a couple of years ago was a forum that was a fantastic resource for the small motorhome camper, had morphed into something where so often posts drifted into political recriminations. I applaud them and thank them for the hours of work they've put in to try and fix something that, to me at least was, becoming an obvious change in direction of SMHF, and one many members were uncomfortable with.

    Like Pandabloke and others I consider myself interested in politics and the views of friends, but, for the interim at least, I shan't be seeking access to the politics section.
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      The problem with both argument and debate is that all sides staunchly advocate their side of the 'discussion'. And will not be swayed. Thus the discussion goes on. And on. And on. And on. And on. And on. And on. And on. and on. and on. And on.............

      And quite rightly so, I wouldn't have it any other way. Why would you be swayed if you are definitely right, which you most certainly and quite seriously, are? Seriously, your are right if you think you are. No one has the right to tell you that you are wrong, certainly politically.

      Which unfortunately ALMOST makes it pointless......

      I chauffeur local politicians all over Kent. Conservatives, Indies, Labour, Libs and Lib dems and most recently UKIP and of course those who don't confess..... And all of them had their reasoned arguments and valid points to make. And to a man or woman, they are all decent honest human beings, despite what you may think or the press tell you. And I wouldn't disagree with any of them. And it doesn't make any of them right or wrong.

      But it makes ALL of them passionate. Which I will applaud and support til the cows come home.

      Which is where, inevitably, the problem lies. And probably makes this reply political and in the wrong place......

      But good luck to you all.

      The political thread is definitely the right place to be if you're as passionate as I hope you are.

      Panda (probably a wishy washy liberal at heart.... But I can't be sure...... )
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        Thanks for your thoughts/support everyone I’m closing this thread now if anyone wants access to the political discussion section please send a personal message to either myself or Pauline.
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