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    Originally posted by SandraM View Post
    Pauline, does it cost you and Graham to add Stickies?

    Because it occurred to me the other day when I was searching for a specific item, that it could have been made a stickie as there must have been lots of posts on what people use for clean/polish their GRP pride and joy and to keep asking the same questions would get boring for some people.

    To wade through the search function took a long time and I still didn't really get what I was after
    Originally posted by Rob B View Post

    The search function is pretty good so if you are looking for something specific try that first.
    The "tag" option is also good when creating a thread about something useful. You can add tags (keywords) which help in search results.

    For instance Sandra if you created a thread about GPR polish you could add those words to the "tags" you should see the +tags option below the text input box when you create a new thread.


      I did Rob.

      My point is that, as in this instance, I want to find a straight forward answer to "Cleaning GRP" and I get conversations coming up about cleaning (not necessarily a van).

      If I put in Polishing GRP I get loads of posts which are polish related and not just GRP related

      I tried just putting in GRP and got this message "Your criteria is not restrictive enough and might return too many results. Please restrict your criteria and try again.

      I just thought that as a lot of members have either Romahomes, or Go pods or Rominis, all made from GRP, a dedicated thread about the safety aspect of what you clean your vehicle with (ie washing up liquid will REMOVE polish) and the best polish and the best way to use products would help and save people asking the same thing periodically.

      We did get some Showroom Shine on the basis of Graham's video and some online searches with results from Detailers but although it was good on the bonnet and wings (which are not GRP) it didn't do much for the Romahome and it isn't because the GRP is powdery because it isn't

      I cannot imagine many members enjoying the arduous task of washing, cleaning and polishing a largish vehicle so any shortcuts to achieve a reasonable finish would have been helpful to most of us I thought.

      I do understand Pauline's comments about too many stickies but I just thought a common interest might have warranted it. It was just a passing thought
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