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Boris and Wilbur, the Bears

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    Boris and Wilbur, the Bears

    My first proper post on here and it's about bears That bodes well

    For about 12 years I have had a "Tin-Top" VW T25 (aka "Wedge") camper, in which live Boris and Wilbur. Wilbur is an "Aviator" bear (as you can see).

    I currently don't have a picture of Boris, but he is VERY similar to Gulliver in appearance. He eats all my chocolate when I'm not there.

    I also have one of these ->

    He accompanies me on most camping trips. His name is scamp and he is VERY well behaved


    Hello to Boris, Wilbur and Scamp

    Gulliver and Arthur say hi too and look forward to meeting you soon, although Gulliver is currently on a trip with Wagghori
    Guardian of the Ducks
    2 2 2 2 2 2 2 Quack!


      Hi Ghost123uk, Boris, Wilbur & Scamp, from me, T4Ted & Reg.

      My daughter's favourite bear when she was young was an aviator bear called Biggles.


        Not really into teddies, Ghost, but LOVE your little Scamp! Isn't he gorgeous!


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