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    Originally posted by David stringer View Post
    To all Gullivers friends he is in hibernation snug and warm lucky bear . when the warm weather comes we will come out I see Kingsberry is very busy no ehu left its also a very long way from the lake district so we will not be coming down he told me he wants to go haggis hunting in May so I think a small hunting party will be off before the Midges get hungry I trust he can stay with pod a little longer.he really likes Dundee marmalade so he thinks that is also why we are going North HeHe Buzzz Dave Pod zzzzzzzzbear
    Enjoy the haggis and marmalade Gulliver, don't get too fat.
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      I thought I saw a haggis running across my lawn last night. I rushed to get the shot gun, but by the time I got back it had run off.
      I think I'll have to set a trap for it.
      Necessarium esse superfluum Latin


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