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    Festival Bear

    I'm enjoying Wickham Festival but it gets a bit noisy late at night. Still I keep humming some of those folky tunes and the fiddles get my furry toes tapping.

    Met some new friends too. Here are my friends Martha and Woody

    Glad Gulliver is having fun. Thank you for giving him such a good time

    Meow is the time to chill with my cat =^..^=


      Good job he's got that wooly hat over his ears. Loud noises are not good for young ones.
      If you don't travel first class, your children will . . . . . .


        gasgas one thing that has really impressed me at this festival is the number of babes, toddlers and young kids wearing special children's ear protectors. None of the kids seemed to have any inclination to take them off and all seemed perfectly happy running round with them.

        The festival is mainly folk,so moderate volumes during the day (when Gulliver is there) but cranked up in the evening. Just listened to Lindisfarne with bits of a Kleenex tissue stuffed in my lugholes. Very loud as was last night, particularly the finale, Frank Turner. The bass system is something else, Huge 12' or 15' bass speakers move an incredible volume of air on each drum beat. They produce physical pressure waves that move clothing against the body. Ridiculous but ruddy impressive!!


          Hi Brian . A well known rock group . they came to the prison one afternoon and there was a rock concert in the Gym.we had ear protectors and needed them the wood panels on the walls were moving they gave it some welly it was for a selected audience. ....really good afternoon ...


            Why on earth do they have to make the music so loud everyone needs ear protectors? ??? Surely that's defeating the object?


              jayjay - it was interesting at Wickham, during the day it was pretty much at a decent level and certainly not uncomfortably loud but as the evening and night wore on the volume was cranked up. Now I can understand if people want a club type atmosphere and insist on 'feeling' the music then perhaps yoof might the rockier bands LOUD but the final act on Sunday was Gilbert O'Sullivan - OK I'm not a fan anyway but have always considered him lounge-pop, so why on earth would you want him loud?

              It was a good festival with bigger names than Moira, FotF etc (and a price tag to pay for them) and we would consider going again but will definitely buy ear-plug type ear defenders designed specifically for the job.


                I blame my right ear deafness on a Stone the Crows concert at Leicester Poly in 1972 when I was stood next to a speaker.

                In recent years I think the loudest I have seen were Status Quo, unbearable. I have never liked them anyway!


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