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Springs again.

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    Springs again.

    Hi have got springs for Romahome c 15 champ.the garage said they are not the same as the ones that are on it,and i need wider coil springs to lift the back up which he said he would take of a land rover , not sure about this .I phoned Greaystones up he said to put them on and that they will work, as they have sold a few of them fed up now dont no what to do ,do the spring assisters work or not help please.
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    This morning I installed some spring assistors to my C15 Romahome. I paid £1 at Totnes recycling yard for 2 rear motor cycle springs. I made 2 steel cups to support the bottom of the springs and keep them in possition. the top of the springs mount around the rubber stop. The back of my Romahome is now 100 mm higher. There's a little more road noise coming through.
    All this cost me £1 as compared to Graystones £100+, they work fine and I may sell some at £50 if I get the springs cheap enough.

    But you should contact Ant at Avon motorcaravans and get his opinion on what to do.

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    Spring assistors do work.
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      but did they lift the back up


        yes they did lift the back up by about 4 "

        When I tested the spring strength I used my bathroom scales to push on one spring and it took 100 kilos, ex-weightlifter, to compress 4 inches so 2 springs would be 200 kilos less weight on the main springs.


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