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    Hi Ant & All,
    Found my way here and have re-registered and now I have a question. I have bought an old Demountable Camper Pod, its small so I think it qualifies for this forum. I have spent the last few months (doing it up) and have now got a Mazda 2500D pick up to put it on.After a few atempts at reversing under it I now think I have the nack.However With the tailgate down level with the bed I cant get the last 2inchs to fit on the bed because it touches the Camper pod legs so I have to sit it down and remove the legs but still need to move it forward the last 2inchs. With help from friends and a couple of bars we managed to move it forward. So my question is, is there a way of doing this like an expert . I have no room to fit a small winch in and I wondered if you or anyone with a demountable have a similar problem. .
    I am going to try using a ratchet strap rapped around the ladder rack on the pick up and the jacking points on the pod to pull it forward but any ideas would be welcome.

    Regards from
    Romin Ron

    Hi Ron.
    It sounds like you have a Suntrekker body, in which case it was designed to fit a 1 tonne pick-up with the tail gate removed. If it wasn't there to get in the way I think you'll be fine.


      Sounds great! Well done to you...

      Pics please!

      If you just mount it, connect the electric and screw down the bolts and that's IT, I can't see a problem. Just wondering if you need to demount/remount more than once? Stoopid question, but I'm a woman!!! LOL!!! (Probably a man thing, methinks, apols for sounding sexist!)



        The ratchet strap idea has merit, it's probably going to be the easiest and lightest method to keep permanently on your vehicle.

        I assume it is not an easy job to adjust the tailgate to be easily removable or drop down below horizontal? Because that too would solve your problem mounting.

        The only other thing I can think of is to rig up a frame to hold the back up for those last two inches. I have before seen someone using two of those old girder style car ramps positioned upright to hold something up on both sides(in that case a fairground train carriage) while the pickup pulled beneath it. That idea may inspire something of your own.


          Hi Ant & all
          Thanks for the replies, I'm not sure of the make as I cant find any makers plates anywhere so it could be a Suntrekker Ant. I am still going to try the ratchet straps next timeI mount it up I am putting some strenthening brackets on the corners where it looks like water as been getting in at the moment so I must finish that job first.
          I'll try to get some pics done when its finished ,Jay Jay, I have a ferry booking for 6th Dec to visit the German/Belgian/French Xmass markets so must be on the road by then.
          Sloeman, your thinking about the tailgate made me have a close look at the tailgate and yes it will go down past horizontal but I have to take the 2side supports off and let it hang down loose.Then because of the strange system of removing the side supports the tailgate as to be raised back up near vertical tofit them back on, :mad: impossible once the pod is on the pick up.I might be able to modifiy the system but I think I would need to tell the insureance co. If the strap system do'snt work I may try makeing the part of the jacking leg that fits into the pod a few inches longer, not sure how as I am not a welder.

          Thanks again


            I have a romahome demountable pod fitted to a 53 plate Suzuki Carry pick-up.
            When i bough it it had no securing points as the previous owner had it fitted on a trailer ( i think they are called caravans ?)

            I had 4 sets of brackets made up with 20mm pins that slide through holes to hols it onm with smaller R split pins through smaller holes in these pins.

            This holds the pond about 25mm up off of the flat bed of the pick up, so i fitted a wooden sheet this thick to sit the pod onto.

            Now its just a question of reversing under and sliding the pod this way or that to line it up to insert the securing pins.


              Any chance of a picture? You are the only other Suzuki Carry Romahomer we have heard of!

              Our is shown on the Avatar


                Demountable !!!

                Hello All. We have a 1987 Romahome Bedford Rascal Demountable. " Daisy"
                Hubby & I Demounted the Pod just 1 month ago as we decided to have new Leaf Springs & Dampers fitted to stop the sagging rear end drooping any more. i loved bombing around in her as a Pick up Truck, but you can't have a sleep & make a cup of tea in the back.
                I thought it was bad enough demounting her, but today in the freezing cold we put them back together. 15 mins the book says 3 hours later, a few sharp words and she still wasn't back on. We only had about an inch to go but we heaved & pushed and nothing. So in the end, with rear steadies down, & a Trolly Jack under the back door step section, she was put into reverse and we went for it. She finally arrived, so we put the bolts in quick & gave a hugh sigh of relief What in the earth did we do wrong. I am thinking that when I first reversed back I should have been brave and just gone back that bit further before taking the supporting legs off. Shall we be doing it again :confused: we think not. I can just picture doing this task on a camp site, still we would have given everybody a laugh. We should now be going off in Daisy to Kempton Park Motor Bike Auto Jumble for the coming weekend, ofcourse that is if the White Stuff goes away. Well All enjoy planning all your trips for the Spring and beyond. All the Best Daisie.


                  Hi It's Daisy again. Yes we made it to Kempton Park Surrey had a great journey down, but then the Gearbox started making "a Funny Noise". to say the least.
                  No I didn't turn the radio up to drown it out !! We had a good w/e then took it really steady coming back home to Norfolk. No noise in 4th. So got to it asap and stayed there for as long as I could. Now I am looking for a Gearbox me thinks
                  Still the road holding was really great due to the new leaf springs & dampers.

                  Kind Regards to All. Daisie.


                    Susuki Carry Romahome

                    Hi Dolly,

                    Do you still have your Suzuki Carry Romahome? I see there is one on ebay at the moment.


                    "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."


                      Hi Dave, yes we still have our Suzuki demountable, in fact we are in North Wales in it now!
                      Looked at the one on Ebay, the truck is a year older than ours, but the body is definitely younger and looks very nice indeed!
                      Still love ours though!


                        Thanks Dolly,

                        Love the idea of the Carry as the base. I'm on my second self-converted Carry Panel van (Mazda Bongo in between).

                        I love the 45mpg I get rather than the 28-30ish from the Bongo! Any idea of your MPG?

                        Last edited by steamydave; 24-02-2011, 22:47.
                        "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."


                          Sorry Dolly,

                          Forgot to ask - how tall is it now as the Carry Pickups are quite tall to the chassis.

                          I have a 2.5m 8th railway bridge near me - will it go under still (including sky light)? There are often remains of yellow flashing lights either side of the bridge where van driver know the height of their vans, but forget the flashing lights on top!

                          "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."


                            Hi Dave

                            Mpg not as good as that, I think it is about 35 to the gallon.

                            We've measured the height at 7ft 10ins or 2.4 metres so should just squeeze under your bridge!

                            Don't have any flashing lights though!


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