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Acty Romahome carborretor problem

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    Acty Romahome carborretor problem

    Hi all, my lovely old 1984 acty has developed a problem with the carborretor, I think its something to do with a kind of vacuum setup inside, my mechanic has stripped it down and done his best, but cant her running properly...does anybody have any tips or come to that a suitable replacement? Havent been able to source one so any help really would be appreciated, as otherwise it might be the end for her!!!! Thanks in hope

    Hi Hastings.
    You've really got my memory in overload for this one, it must be a hundred years since I last stripped a Honda carburetor. From memory the most likely problem will either be a hole or split in the accelerator pump diaphragm or more simply a faulty fuel shut off solenoid. The latter would intermittently stop the fuel for a millisecond giving a rough and jerking feel to the engine. The pump diaphragm would result in a flat response to the throttle especially when accelerating hard up through the gears. As for bits, thats a much harder trick to solve, try breaker websites or Tony Swann ( Acty man) on this site.


      Here is Tony Swann's website
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        Hi Jean
        Your 1984 Acty might be in the running for the oldest Island Plastics/Romahome still on the road. The Roma Club is trying to find the oldest van so please send me a Private Message with the details and I will let you know.
        PS Hope you get the problem fixed, you can't do better than Ant.


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