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Mending my rear door C15 Romahome

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    Mending my rear door C15 Romahome

    I am looking for advice regarding the rear door on my van. Since we've had it (and still not gone out in it), the bottom of the door has always needed a bit of a push with the knee to help it close, but coming out to it this afternoon I have noticed something odd.

    The stable-door was joined together sometime in the past so effectively it is now one piece, but it looks as though the skin is slipping. If you look at the top left "corner" there is a gap appearing between the door skin and the aluminium trim, I can get my fingernail in. Also, where the horizontal centre aluminium trim meets the left hand upper vertical, that too is drifting apart. This van has been nowhere yet and it doesn't look like anyone is trying to get in, but it looks weird, it also affects the closing and sealing of the door itself.

    Is it possible to take this aluminium edge trim off and re-fix it, do you know? When the wind dies down I can take the door off at the hinges but I don't want to do anything unfixable.

    Hi Lynw28.
    Firstly it would be better if the doors were separate again, the lower door should always be shut first and the turn buckle used to secure it before shutting the top door to it. If the door is used as one the lower part will stick out at the bottom and probably leak.
    The frame can be secured with silicone to the inner fillet, screws at the top of the lower door release the frame in order to get the sealant in. It's a bit of a fiddle but possible.


      Originally posted by Lynw28 View Post
      the bottom of the door has always needed a bit of a push with the knee to help it close ...
      This used to be the case with mine years ago. I found that once corrosion started to build up in the hinge pin, no amount of lubricant helped at all. The hinge was not closing properly so the door was always closed under tension. This leads to distortion which might also contribute to your panels slipping.

      A couple of replacement hinges, sourced very cheaply from a caravan breakers did the trick. I made sure that they turned freely and were well greased with petroleum jelly before fitting and they've never been a problem since. Installation is easy if you have a pop-riveter.


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