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C15 Romahome Height from Ground?

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    C15 Romahome Height from Ground?

    Hi Ant,

    We have a C15 Hytop and have had a new rear axle fitted. However, the vehicle now sits about 2-3 inches lower than it did previously. I'm not sure whether the previous height was incorrect or whether the new axle needs adjusting or some sort of spacer hasn't been fitted by the garage.

    With the vehicle unloaded, what sort of distance (both front and rear) would you expect between vehicle (say bumper) and road surface?


    Hi Jamie.
    The approx. distance from the ground to the underside of the rear door is normally about 14 inches. From the ground to the bottom edge of the front no plate approx. 18 Inches. The rear can be raised by using spring assistors ( Grayston 31B02H) they give a couple of inches. Originally the rear shock absorbers had shells fitted to pretension the rear springs but I've not been able to get them from after market suppliers. It may be that you have a 600kg van axle rather than a 765kg platform cab axle in which case it may never give quite as much ground clearance even after assistors.


      How easy is it to fit the assistors?


        Very in a word, you just need a 13mm spanner to remove the Citroen lower bump stop plate, fit the supplied spring carrier in its place and slide the spring over the upper cone and squeeze it over the lower carrier fitted. 5 mins a side max.


          Just make sure your van is safe when you jack it up. The Citroen supplied jack is not good enough on its own. It is only meant for changing a wheel in an emmergency.

          You can get spring assisters from Grayston.



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