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Electrical problem

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    Electrical problem


    My electrical hook up cable appears not to be working. Cannot get power to fridge or sockets on my 1989 C15 romahome

    Hi Lindy.
    In 1989 mains hook-up was not standard and many vehicles had a DIY fit after it had left the Romahome factory, so I can't be sure how yours was done. Assuming it has been done to meet regulations you should have a RCD Trip switch ( If Romahome did it look under the rear n/s seat box). As neither your fridge or sockets work I'd suspect the main trip has been knocked down or been triggered off. If you haven't got a trip switch ( firstly get one fitted) then check your hook-up lead, they often have wires pull out of the connecting blocks inside the blue ends, especially if someone has pulled the wire when removing the plug from the van or site.
    If yours has a DIY fit and the mains lead is ok, then get the van checked and updated, you may have a stray live wire out somewhere waiting to bite you!


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