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    Water Ingress

    A couple of years ago after a snowy winter we noticed some mildew on the lining fabric of ceiling around the push up vent on R30. We had this checked but was told it was OK. However after a weekend of heavy rain last week we noticed that water was actually dripping down from the edge of the push up roof vent onto the cooker (not the heiki the other one)

    I was going to just re-silicone the vent around the edge outside but wondered if this might trap any water that may be sitting in the gap (if there is a gap) between the outer roof and any inner roof lining.

    Any advice please before I do anything. Thanks

    Removing and replacing the vent is very straightforward and not at all intimidating, I suspect that the original sealant has hardened and shrunk and water is creeping through. I agree with you that squirting a bead around the outside is merely a means to drag out the problem rather than actually resolve it.

    Get some SIKAFLEX 512 (white), be brave and take the darned vent out (4 screws from inside) clean everything up and dry it off, then pipe a good hefty bead into the appropriate groove in the vent then refit. Any sikaflex that squeezes out can be scraped away and cleaned off with turps while still wet. Sikaflex is fantastically effective and durable stuff and miles better than silicone products.
    Hadn't spotted the original question was in Ant's personal domain when I banged off my response, I thought it was just a general question ... sorry if I crushed anyone's toes.
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      I second that Mike.


        Thank you both. I will have a look today. Can this be done from inside or will I have to get up on a ladder outside?


          Can this be done from inside or will I have to get up on a ladder outside?
          First get inside and find the screws that pull the two halves of the vent together... and remove them, you should then be able to pull the inner part free of the top. You may be able to push the outer off and away from inside and wangle it through the hole, but in reality getting outside with a ladder makes better sense, since you will need to do that anyway to clean the roof and ultimately to carefully replace the cleaned-up and sikaflex-squirted outer. With the top element resealed and placed in position, replace the inner part and screw them together.

          Have a look at this video scroll forward 1 minute 12 seconds to find the start of the relevant bit. The guy uses a mastic tape as opposed to Sikaflex which makes it possible for him to do the whole job from inside the van, theoretically this would be possible if using sikaflex, but cleaning up afterward would still need a ladder outside.

          Good luck!
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            Thanks Mike. I think it will need someone taller than me to do this job properly. I would love to take it on but it is just a tad too much for me to go clambering on the roof of my van at my age. Will try and get it done though before we go away again.


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